Your Marriage by God's Design

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Your Marriage by God's Design shows that God has a beautiful plan and purpose for your marriage.
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How are Christians to start, or keep, marriage as God intends? How are God's children to respond when the picture of Christ and His Church is portrayed as a cultural institution open to anyone’s interpretation and traditional marriage is openly mocked as irrelevant? In Your Marriage by God’s Design, authors Scott and Julie Stiegemeyer show that God has not left us directionless but instead has a beautiful plan and purpose—His design—for marriage, for your marriage.

Each chapter is filled with straightforward biblical insights, calling for the restoration of the purpose and dignity of marriage among Christians. God is the author of marriage and has a vision for your marriage. Examples and end-of-chapter articles provide additional support for those who are married, or preparing for marriage, and those who just want to explore. Your Marriage by God’s Design upholds the gracious gifts God gives as readers learn and grow in the understanding and application of the Bible’s teachings concerning married living.

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"The Stiegemeyers' book is a helpful resource to review as we prepare to speak with others beyond our community of faith and is profitable, as well, when we encounter inquiring others whose understanding of marriage is imperiled by misbelief, unbelief, or despair. The books begins by asking this pivotal question: 'What does the Bible teach about marriage?' and then weaves an account of God's faithfulness."
— Dr. Beverly Yahnke, Executive Director for Christian Care, DOXOLOGY

About the Authors
Scott Stiegemeyer is pastor of Redeemer Lutheran Church in Elmhurst, Illinois. He is the author of numerous articles—many on the intersection of culture and the theology and practice of the church, and of the book United in Christ: Preparation for Christian Marriage (CPH 2010). Julie Stiegemeyer is a regular author for CPH having written several children’s books, Sunday School and curriculum pieces, and regularly returning as a contributor to Portals of Prayer. Since their wedding day over 20 years ago, Ecclesiastes 4:12 has served as a reminder that the Lord is the “third cord” binding them together in Christian love and forgiveness.

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