Words of Peace and Protection: Devotions for Women

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52 different women share 52 different devotions to wrap you in God's refuge following the words of Psalm 91.
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Life can be grueling. Long days at work and damaged relationships can push you into stress and anxiety. Where do you turn when life gets hectic? Who is your rock and your comfort?

52 different women share 52 different devotions to wrap you in God's refuge. Their words will help you see how He guides you through even the most difficult times in your life. Following the words of Psalm 91, each individual author brings their unique voice and perspective to their inspiriting devotions. These devotions are perfect for individual reflection, an introdution to Bible studies, or as a shared women's devotional time. 

When life is hostile, hunker down in the words of peace and protection you are given in Psalm 91. 

From the Introduction

"When the world rages and we need to take cover, God provides a safe place. When we are weary or frightened, God wraps us in His care. When we feel fretful, apprehensive, discomforted, our heavenly Father comforts us, calms us, and reassures us. And when we are feeling strong and brave, rejoicing in all the good things life can offer, our Lord is with us then, too, with the perfect grace and love that only He can provide."

Contributing Authors

Donna Snow • Deb Burma • Rebekah Curtis • Caitlin May Dinger • Molly Dixon • Sharla Fritz • Perla Gil de Rodriguez • Christina Hergenrader • Martha Streufert Jander • Darcy Paape • Kristina Paul • Sarah Schultz • Alli Bauck • Terri Bentley • Amy Bird • Elizabeth Bruick • Faith Doerr • Margo Heath-Dupre • Wendysue Fluegge • Angie Goeke • Heidi Goehmann • Hannah Hansen • Lindsay Hausch • Sarah Holtan • Haleh Kersten • Pat Maier • Cassie Moore • Raquel A. Rojas • Heather Ruesch • Hannah Van Dellen • Rosie Adle • Janine Bolling • Jessica Bordeleau • Jessica Brashear • Connie Denninger • Carol Fedewa • Noemi Guerra • Sarah Gulseth • Rehema Kavugha • Katie Koplin • Courtney Limmer • Megan Mertz • Kathy Pingel • Barbara Shippy • Rachel Bomberger • Heather Choate Davis • Michelle Diercks • Catherine Duerr • Pa Her • Molly Lackey • Tiffany Manor • Julianna Shults


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