Wiggles and Squiggles: 60 Bible-based Classroom Games and Activities

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Offers creative ideas for classroom games that give children fun ways to express their faith.

There comes a time in every Christian classroom when students tire of being seated and facing forward. Learning stops, Disruptions start. At times such as these, organized play helps to channel energy and encourages the development of important social skills, such as following directions, taking turns, and working in teams.

Wiggles and Squiggles offers creative and unusual ideas for classroom games. Each game or activity is designed to help teach fundamental Bible concepts and give children an outlet for expression of their faith (as well as energy). These creative ideas engage children in discovering new ways to review and remember Bible stories. Activities and games reinforce learning about interaction among God's children, the Creator's power and forgiveness, prayer, Jesus' work on earth, and Christ's work in our lives.

Each idea reinforces Christian themes and concepts children learn through the school year by coordinating games with a Bible verse or story. Teachers appreciate the easy-to-follow instruction, positive reinforcement, active learning, and lesson application that are part of every activity in this book.

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