Whisper, Whisper: Learning About Church

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Whisper, Whisper encourages families to attend church and seeks to prepare very young children for the routine and ritual of worship services.
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Rhyming text, in-sanctuary tips, and engaging, colorful illustrations help children up to age 4 understand the rituals and routine at church. Optional activities are provided to help children focus their attention and to remind them about their behavior. Parents can use this engaging book in the home on Saturday evening to prepare children for Sunday morning. It can also be used in the pew before service or included in children's church "quiet" bags. Whisper, Whisper makes an ideal addition to new member/baptismal packets.

Praise for Whisper, Whisper
The disciples famously discouraged young children from approaching the Lord. Maybe they weren't sitting nicely. Maybe they were too loud. Jesus, though, would not let those little ones be hindered. His words were firm: "Let the children come to me" (Mark 10:14). 

In Whisper, Whisper, author and deaconess Mary Moerbe teaches that one does not have to be grown to belong in church. Rather, the church service is precisely where growth occurs as faithful hearts, both big and small, are strengthened by the gifts of our Lord. Whisper, Whisper gives excellent, concrete suggestions for adults who strive to increase their little ones' understanding and reverence in the pew. Whisper, Whisper gives children the sincere happiness of knowing they have a place in their Father's house and are always welcome there. 
—Rosie Adle, mother of four young children who are still working on whispering, and who very much belong in church 
"Through worship, our Heavenly Father blesses, forgives, and strengthens all of His children, regardless of age. The natural curiosity of children leads them to ask questions about what is happening during worship and why. The conversations that follow help our children develop an appreciation for the traditions of the church, and more importantly, provide for the growth of their tender faith. This book will be a valuable resource for parents and educators seeking simplistic explanations and engaging discussion points to make the most of those faith-building moments."

—Angela Shirley, Director of Early Childhood Education, Christ Community Lutheran School

About the Author
Mary J. Moerbe is a free-lance writer and rostered deaconess—a mercy worker in the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod—under the Cranach Institute. She and her husband, Rev. Ned A. Moerbe, live in Oklahoma with their four young children. She loves theology, words, food, and directing her small church choir.

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