Weary Joy: The Caregiver’s Journey (ebook Edition)

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Weary Joy follows the ups and downs of becoming a caregiver for loved ones in the modern era. Throughout the short chapters are encouragements, along with offerings of hope ...
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In the United States, life expectancy continues to rise, but so do the diagnoses of dementia and health-care costs.  Kim Marxhausen's Weary Joy: The Caregiver's Journey follows the unique challenges that come with caring for someone with dementia in the modern era. Written for caregivers and as a resource to pass to those caring for their loved ones, read about the burden that seems to come from helping those with dementia and how to overcome them. 

Included in the short chapters are prayers that encourage while offering hope and a few laughs. Weary Joy is meant to show reader's God's grace and Jesus' care while discovering helpful hints on resilience and endurance to navigate the challenging world of caregiving. 

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