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Just as a treasure hunter searches for hidden jewels and buried riches, we seek out and treasure God's Word in this four-session women's Bible study series & retreat kit.

What is more precious than diamonds? YOU!
You are the precious daughter of your heavenly Father, who claims you as His own. From a plain old lump of coal to a dazzling diamond, you are transformed in Christ. And you shine brilliantly as you reflect God's glory.
Just as a treasure hunter searches for hidden jewels and buried riches, we seek out and treasure God's Word in this four-session women's Bible study series & retreat kit.  In it, you're invited to open the Bible and take a unique look at His treasures for you. Far greater than the value of any earthly treasure, God's precious Word points the way to Christ, "in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge" (Colossians 2:3). 
  • You are a chosen and valuable treasure!
  • You are a diamond-in-the-making, and that requires Time, Heat, & Pressure...
  • You are defined by your Cut, Color, Carat, and Clarity...
  • You reflect His light into a dark world in need of a Savior.
The Bible studies are packaged together as a RETREAT KIT, though they are also ideal for a 4-week small group or Sunday-morning class, or as a special event to kick-start or grow existing women's ministry!
Included are PowerPoint presentations for the four interactive Bible study sessions with printable/reproducible leader's materials & participant handouts (so you're set, whether your study will include 2 women or 200!). In addition, you receive a women's ministry Retreat Planning Guide (to make planning any event EASY!) and loads of fun options, details, and reproducibles for planning, publicity, personal touches, and more, all packaged on a CD-ROM.
There is also a 30-day pocket-sized devotional to be used as a take-away resource that reminds participants of the retreat and shows that we can serve Christ in every role we have.
Product Reviews 
"The small size of Treasured - A 30-Day Devotional Journey is misleading. Author Deb Burma makes every word count; each devotion is packed with thought, encouragement, and inspiration. The format of the book means I can stick one in my purse or work bag and quickly read a devotion any time I have a few minutes—although I will also want to take time to really meditate on the messages later.
The theme of Treasured is that God values each of us beyond what we can imagine. Burma reminds us that God sees us as precious and priceless; He sought us and claims us to be His own in Christ. During our faith lives we are being transformed in Christ as coal is transformed into a diamond. Throughout Treasured, Burma compares our lives to diamonds; she relates the formation of a diamond (requiring time, pressure, and heat) to the transformation of our lives. The qualities of a diamond (cut, color, carat, and clarity) describe how Christ takes us from rough and uncut to a gem who carries out His mission. Other devotions include A Girl’s Best Friend, A New Setting, and Precious in His Sight. Liberal references to Bible verses enhance the message, as do Burma’s personal stories. The devotions always point readers to God and His Word, and each one ends with a prayer.
Do you need an idea for your next woman’s retreat? Burma has created complete retreat kits on CD-ROM for Treasured. The CD-ROM contains a very detailed planning guide, handouts for participants and PowerPoint presentations. Everything you need to plan and host a retreat is included!"
-Shelly Burke, Editor Nebraska Family Times Newspaper
"Beautiful Feet & Treasured have both blessed me so much. They speak the truth of God in ways that makes me feel like God so personally loves ME & is guiding MY life. Deb is so right-on theologically but also presents the material in such a way that is so warm, loving, & motivating. The themes and examples she uses are so down-to-earth & practical that every women can relate. They are intense, but fun, too! I have brought a variety of friends to these retreats & they have all walked away raving! Deb is a master at putting on retreats, so I think the retreat kit materials will make it easy & doable for anyone to put on a retreat." 
-Karen S. in Wisconsin
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