Thirty Days in God's Word: A Path of Discovery

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Spend thirty days in the Bible and start understanding the basics of His Word.
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Between getting kids to school, cooking dinner, and doing laundry it’s difficult to find time in your busy schedule to continue studying and learning God’s word. Well known Bible stories such as the Creation story, Moses’s parting of the Red Sea, and David and Goliath are easy to remember. But many smaller Bible stories are forgotten over time. 30 Days To Know The Bible will lead you through each book of the Bible in just thirty days. Each of the thirty chapters are a brief and effortless read while still highlighting the most important stories in each book.

Revisit your favorite stories, or learn new ones, with Rev. Wayne Palmer in only thirty days. Each Book of the Bible is divided into easy-to-understand sections with compelling Scripture verses that allow you to dig deeper into your understanding or simply get to know God’s Word on the surface. The “Dig Deeper Challenge” allows you to question your understanding and uncover new findings as you read. No matter your understanding of the Bible, spending thirty days immersed in it will enrich your faith life and help the Holy Spirit guide you to the narratives and messages God wants you to hear.

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