The Story People (ebook Edition)

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The Story People is a celebration of the connection forged when a book is opened, loved, and shared and the vision and purpose found when letting God use you wherever you are....
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When Ben Palermo inherits his uncle’s bookstore, he has a secure career and a built-in home, but he doesn’t have contentment. As Ben looks ahead to the next chapter of his life, some well-meaning customers scheme to keep him in town by finding him a proper wife—on their terms.

The moment author and illustrator Rosemary Berg walks into his store, Ben is captivated. And she is overwhelmed by his disarming charm and eerie familiarity—but can she trust him? Or should she turn instead to an old friend who is finally ready to claim her heart?

The Story People is a celebration of stories and the bond they form when shared and loved. It’s about having the courage to live your own story well as you give your life over to God, the author and perfecter of our faith.

 Praise for The Story People

“[A] winsome main narrative . . . full of misunderstandings, high jinks, and lonely people who find one another despite the many obstacles that stand in the way.”

—Publishers Weekly

“Part comedy, part fairy tale, and part romance . . . a reminder that we each of us has our own story to tell.”

—Cynthia A. Graham, author of Beneath Still Waters, Behind Every Door, and Beulah’s House of Prayer

“Heather Kaufman’s debut book, The Story People, is full of fascinating characters whose voices you can hear in your mind. In fact, if I were walking down the street and passed Mrs. Gardner, I’d know her right away! The story sweeps you away to a land between reality and the imagination, perfectly mingling Kaufman’s superb storytelling skills with a strong message of encouragement for Christian life. I would recommend this book for anyone.”

—Sarah Baughman, author of the Regency Silhouettes series, deaconess, wife, and mom of four

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