The Real Luther: A Friar at Erfurt and Wittenberg

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A Roman Catholic friar explores Martin Luther's views before they were highly popular and disputed.
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Roman Catholic Scholar, Franz Posset, carefully explores the history of Luther's development in the crucial years of 1501-17 before Luther's views were disputed. Setting aside legends and accusations, Posset gets at the facts about Luther as a late medieval friar in an age of reform. The book includes:
  • Illustrations from Luther's career
  • A complete, new translation of Philip Melanchthon's memoirs of Luther's life, based on actual discussions with Luther
  • A fresh chronology of Luther's life from 1501-17, based on the latest research
  • Extensive references to both primary and secondary literature for Luther studies
About the Author
Franz Posset, PhD, is an independent researcher and an associate editor of Luther Digest. He has authored five books, including The Front-Runner of the Catholic Reformation: The Life and Works of Johann von Staupitz (2003), and articles for historical encyclopedias. His scholarly research has also appeared in numerous journals. In 2003 he was awarded the Natalie Zemon Davis Prize for superb scholarship.
"Students and researchers should read this book as a model for how to do Reformation History."
-Markus Wriedt, Dr. Theol., Dr. Habil.-
  Professor of Historical Theology/Church History
  Goethe University Frankfurt/Main and Marquette University
"A fascinating history . . . Luther is both a Catholic and a Reformer at the same time."
-Wolfgang Thönissen, Dr. Theol., Dr. Habil.-
Professor of Ecumenical Theology
Faculty of Theology, Paderborn
'I was constantly fascinated and sometimes even thrilled by his insights into Dr. Martin's continuity with medieval theology."
-Bishop Richard J. Sklba-
Vicar General/Auxiliary Bishop of Milwaukee
Co-chair of the National Lutheran/Catholic Dialogue 
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