The Means of Grace

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Gain a greater appreciation for the significance of God acting through the "ordinary" things of this world.
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This course allows you to review the means of grace in the simple things of life: words, water, bread, wine, and most importantly, human flesh. Through The Means of Grace, you will gain a greater appreciation for the significance of God's acting in grace by using the "ordinary" things of this world.
Session 1: God's Fondness for the Ordinary
Session 2: The Water in Baptism
Session 3: The Bread and Wine in the Lord's Supper
Session 4: The Language in the Gospel
About the Series
The Insight Series consists of short 4-session adult Bible studies with life-application suggestions. Each course looks at an important biblical topic or theme. Use these courses to gain insight into the Scriptures. Learn what God is saying about Himself, about you, and about His Good News of salvation in Jesus Christ. These insights will help you as you go about your disciple's task of living in the Word and will equip you for a more fruitful study of Scripture.
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