The Life You Crave: It's All About Grace

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Do you ever wonder what your next step should be? Do you crave something better? Discover the life you crave! 
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Do you ever wonder what your next step should be? If there is more to life? Do you crave something better?
More than security or wealth success or popularity, what we really need is to be loved, to matter. But with all our inner strength and the world’s create-your-own destiny attitude, with all our technology and know-how and savvy, we are helpless to truly satisfy that craving on our own.
God’s intention was never for us to have a dissatisfied, self-critical spirit. In His eyes, each of us is irreplaceable, carefully crafted, designed for a unique and noble purpose. And He is determined to reach us. Throughout the ages, amid all of the world’s selfish rebellion, unthinkable corruption, ugly swirl of violence, and abject godlessness, the Lord God has shown that He works in a consistent and beautiful way. He draws close to us. He enters our existence. God reaches into our lives, turns us around, and fulfills every desperate, yearning, miserable need.
God offers us grace. Pure, lavish, unending grace. Discover the life you crave.

  • Discussion questions for each chapter
  • Accessible to all people of all faiths
  • Anecdotes from contemporary everyday life, history, and the Bible
  • Directs reader to apply Scripture to his or her life

About the Author
Michael Newman has served in pastoral ministry for over twenty-five years and currently works in Texas to help develop new missions and ministries that bring people the gift of the life they crave.
Mike has experienced and witnessed the wonder of God's grace woven into life that is filled with highs and lows, dreams and dashed hopes, unexpected twists and breathtaking surprises. He is husband to Cindy, father to two beautiful daughters, and grandpa to a sweet little granddaughter. Learn more about his ministry at

Visit Michael Newman's author page.

What Others Are Saying
"No matter what difficulties you are going through, this book will embolden you to put your hope in God. It will remind you that you are safe in God’s hands and deeply loved by Him. Let this inspiring book inspire you!"
James C. Galvin, Ed.D., author and consultant, Galvin & Associates, Inc.

"Once again, Michael Newman demonstrates his prowess at tapping into the vein of our humanity and connecting it to profound truths from God made simple for our understanding. The Life You Crave will draw you in because it asks the universal questions of humanity, pulls on the strings in everybody’s heart, and invites them to find thirst-quenching relief in the work of God through Jesus."
Mike Sharrow, AfC, Managing Chairman, C12 Group of Central Texas

"In his very clear and relational style, where God’s will and grace for every human being always walk side by side, Mike paints for us a picture of who God is and how He gets involved in our daily lives, who and whose we are, and what we’re are here on earth for."
Beatriz Hoppe, Multicultural Ministries, Lutheran Hour Ministries

"In a world that craves everything but this, Newman gently persuades the reader to look more deeply at things, to look more intently at things, to see one’s life from God’s point of view for the life you need, the life we should crave above all else. You won’t be disappointed with this book because in it you’ll read about an eternal love from God that exists just for you, about a Savior whose gracious love makes an abundant, purposeful, dynamic eternal life possible for all who know and put their trust in Him. (For this, crave on!)"
Rev. Gregory Seltz, speaker, The Lutheran Hour

"Give yourself permission to be surprised by this book when you feel the joy and power in God’s love language 'My grace is sufficient' (2 Corinthians 12:9). Yes, it’s all about grace."
Eunice Otte, licensed professional counselor

"I have known and have respected Rev. Michael Newman for over 15 years, and I am blessed to have him as a friend. His books have helped open my eyes in many ways. If you have missed any of his books, read this one and you will know the blessings of faith that he shares with his readers."
Gloria Jean Kvetko, Gloria Jean’s Coffees

"I’ve pulled alongside many a craving in the human heart and laud Mike Newman for once again redirecting our imaginations to the potential God has in mind for us."
Phyllis Wallace, host of the syndicated “Woman to Woman” radio show  

"I have had the awesome experience of witnessing Pastor Newman preach, and I’ve also read his books. He has a tremendous ability to weave our everyday events with happenings in the Bible. Never more has this skill been on display than in this book."
Jim Schwantz, mayor, Palatine, Illinois; former NFL player

"Both in his preaching and his writing, Pastor Newman has the unique gift of taking biblical truth and applying it to our everyday lives. In this book he shows how all of humanity, whether Biblical heroes or a 21st century American, have craved one thing—grace. Even more important, Pastor Newman points us in the direction to find it."
Bryant Ambelang, president and CEO, NatureSweet Tomatoes

"Trouble and challenges are a reality in our sinful world, but the Lord walks with us through good and bad times. The book reminds us that God has a purpose for our lives and is always in control."
Kay L. Meyer, president and host of Family Shield, syndicated radio program

"There is a common conception that deep theology is difficult to understand. Reverend Mike Newman's book, The Life You Crave proves the fallacy of that idea. His use of creative stories, scriptural insights and brilliant applications will take you to a deeper and most blessed appreciation of grace. Easy reading, and deeply inspirational, you will find yourself touched by God's commitment to you."
Rev. Ken Klaus, Speaker Emeritus of The Lutheran Hour®

"The task of theological writing is not simply to declare truth, but to convey that truth in a way that is winsome and compelling. With the wisdom of an experienced shepherd, Pastor Newman ably accomplishes this task. Weaving together narratives that spring from the scriptural record and from the headlines, The Life you Crave speaks to the basic challenges that confront all people, and offers God’s timeless truth as the one enduring answer."
Rev. Dr. Joel Biermann, author and seminary professor
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