The Hymns of Martin Luther

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All of Luther's hymn texts and melodies are brought together in this complete collection with supplemental background information, current historical scholarship, and comprehensive indices.
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For five centuries, Martin Luther’s hymns have formed the core of Lutheran hymnals. They are honored as the premier model for Lutheran hymnwriters.

All of Luther’s hymn texts and melodies are now brought together in this complete collection. Previous English compilations of these hymns were largely limited to the work of a single translator. These translations were drawn from the best available, highlighting a mixture of styles and vocabulary.

From the beloved “A Mighty Fortress Is Our God” to the largely unknown “My Bride, the Church, Is Dear to Me,” each hymn text is paired with its sixteenth-century melody and a conventional harmonization.

Special Features:

  • Thirty-eight hymns and chants widely credited to Luther
  • Supplemental background commentary on each hymn
  • Current historical scholarship
  • Comprehensive indices


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Christ, Our Lord, Who Died to Save Us
O Lord, Look Down from Heaven, Behold
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