The Anonymous God

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This book examines American civil religion in the light of historic Christianity.
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Civil religion is a unifying nationalism that uses religious means and words to promote national values and patriotism. For example, our money says "In God We Trust." The pledge of allegiance reads "one nation under God." We sing "God Bless America." But who is this god? The triune God or the generic god of American civil religion?

In The Anonymous God, you can explore historical, exegetical, and systematic analyses of the issues that surround civil religion through a series of essays by pastoral and scholarly leaders.

What is civil religion's historic lineage? How did it clash with the early church? What is the god of civil religion and how does that entity compare to the God of Scripture? The Anonymous God helps readers consider complex issues related to the church with a depth and clarity not found elsewhere. Each essay informs readers using facts and solid research to help them understand American civil religion and its far-reaching implications for Christianity. 
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