Ten Questions to Ask Every Time You Read the Bible

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Gain confidence in your study of the Bible, with ten questions to navigate God's Word.

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The Bible can feel intimidating. And knowing how to study it on your own can be even more confusing. the Bible has attributes of a history book and an encyclopedia— teaching about the cultures and attitudes of the people living during Biblical times. But the Bible is so much more than these two things. It is the very Word of God and directs us toward life everlasting with Christ Jesus. As you learn the skill of studying Scripture, the Bible can answer questions you may have about faith, life, and wisdom. 

Ten Questions to Ask Every Time You Read the Bible is a guide to digging in and improving the skill of reading scripture. These ten questions will help you navigate God's Word with clarity and confidence. Each question can be answered by digging into Holy Scripture. The questions will direct you to discover the text, context, and real-life application of passages in the Bible. God's Word is constantly at work, shaping, teaching, and leading us to the understanding of its contents and Jesus' redeeming grace. Whether you are a new or seasoned reader of Scripture, you can use this book to gain confidence in your study of the Bible.

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Andrew R. Jones lives in the Bay Area, where he enjoys writing, hiking, and adventuring with his wife, Stephanie. He has served the Church on three continents in varying roles, including campus ministry, international mission work, professor of preaching, and parish pastor. His writings speak to the importance of spiritual disciplines in the midst of a hectic world.

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