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Lent–Easter 2016 Worship Series

With thematic inspiration drawn from the Gospel of St. Luke, Places of the Passion Lent–Easter 2016 worship series focuses not on the physical locations of our Lord’s Passion but on the spiritual wonders of His work.

We are familiar with the scenes of Lent. The Upper Room, the Garden of Gethsemane, the halls of Pontius Pilate, and the hills of Golgotha. These are the places that come to mind when we meditate on our Lord’s Passion.

But this Lent and Easter season, pause to encounter different kinds of places—the places throughout life where Jesus demonstrates His strength in the midst of our weakness and His timeless love in the midst of our temporal darkness. Jesus never leaves a place as He found it. The most troubling places of our lives become amazing places of God’s grace when Jesus visits them.

Preaching and Teaching Resources

During the reflective time of Lent, pastors are really busy. This collection of preaching and teaching resources gives pastors peace of mind and guidance as they share all the riches of Lent with God’s people. Each week’s materials provide a customizable sermon, children’s message, and Bible study that follow the series theme. A complete set of sermon resources includes textual notes and sermon outlines to assist in a directed study in preparation for the homiletic task.

Weekly Themes

Ash Wednesday

Luke 22:1–13
“A Place at the Table for You”

Lent 1

Luke 22:14–38
“The Upper Room: A Place of Service”

Lent 2

Luke 22:39–46
“Gethsemane: A Place of Strength”

Lent 3

Luke 22:47–53
“The Betrayal: A Place of Eternal Love”

Lent 4

Luke 22:54–62
“The Courtyard: A Place of Renewal”

Lent 5

Luke 22:63–23:25
“The Trial: A Place of God’s Will”

Maundy Thursday

Luke 22:14–23
“The Last Supper: A Place of Forgiveness”

Good Friday

Luke 23:33–49
“Golgotha: A Place of Simple Love”

Easter Vigil

Luke 23:50–56
“The Tomb: A Place of Praise”

Easter Sunday

Luke 24:1–11
“The Empty Tomb: A Place of Remembering”

Bonus Additional Resources

  • Logos for promotional use
  • Article introducing the theme, ideal for congregational newsletter or local publicity
  • Congregational reading format for The Passion of our Lord according to the Gospel of St. Luke
  • Holy Week worship content
  • Holy Saturday worship resources for those churches not using Easter Vigil

Coordinating Products

Places of the Passion series includes two more items (sold separately) to round off your church’s Lent–Easter worship time:

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