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Books by Rev. Dr. Matthew Harrison

Why Am I Joyfully Lutheran? Instruction, Meditation, and Prayers on Luther’s Small Catechism

This devotional treatment of the Six Chief Parts of the Small Catechism centers on joy, specifically identifying what it means to be fully Lutheran, and joyfully so—Joy:fully Lutheran.

Closed Communion? Admission to the Lord's Supper in Biblical Lutheran Perspective

The faithful practice of closed Communion is challenged in our day both culturally and ecclesiastically. As Western culture careens down a path of individualism and autonomy, the privatization of faith leads many to regard participation in the Sacrament as a matter of personal entitlement.

Letters to Lutheran Pastors Set
Letters to Lutheran Pastors Set

This collection offers an encouraging, instructive, and Christ-filled message that pastors and seminary students will appreciate in their personal library.

A Little Book on Joy

A Little Book on Joy explores the nature of life in the fallen world and the joy that we have in Christ. Read about the joy of life together in community, marriage, and family, or the joys of humor, worship, the sanctity of life, and the wonders of creation.

Christ Have Mercy: How to Put Your Faith in Action

Through Scripture study, real-life experiences, and the writings of Lutheran Church Fathers, Christ Have Mercy urges Christians to consider the innumerable opportunities we have to show mercy—to fellow Christians and to anyone God places in our path.

Women Pastors? - Third Edition

Women Pastors? supports, in a scholarly and churchly manner, the God-given order for the Church’s ministry to restrict the pastoral office to men. Twenty essays divided into four sections: Biblical studies, historical studies, doctrinal studies, and practical studies.

In the Beginning

In the Beginning is a collection of essays and Bible studies on the Sanctity of Early Human Life. The eight-session Bible study uses essays from Lutheran writers, theologians, and medical experts on topics such as when human life begins and the ethics of stem cell research. Following each essay is a related Bible study written by Rev. Dr. James I. Lamb, executive director of Lutherans For Life.

Second Thoughts about Living Together

Second Thoughts about Living Together is a concise, faithfully biblical resource to help couples reflect on the issues raised by living together, and to help pastors minister in such situations. The resource is in a question-and-answer format and includes questions such as, What is marriage?, Is living together such a great offense?, and more.

Meditations on Divine Mercy

This book is a translation of a book of 45 prayers that Johann Gerhard wrote prior to 1612. Now newly translated from the German, Meditations on Divine Mercy is available for English readers to enjoy and appreciate. A chapter on the purpose and benefits of prayer is also included, as well as an explanation of the aspects of daily meditation.

The Lonely Way Set (Set of 2)

This collection of the writings of Hermann Sasse is comprised, with several exceptions, of materials never before published in English. This set of books offers a unique perspective on the importance of confessional Lutheranism on the world stage.

At Home in the House of My Fathers

This book contains never before translated essays and sermons by German-speaking presidents of the LCMS, with historical notes and context provided by Matthew C. Harrison. Its unique insight into evangelical Lutheran theology and practice of the early LCMS leaders still applys for today's needs and situations.

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