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What others are saying:

"You’ll find The Lutheran Study Bible to be a whole resource center under one cover! It’s also practical to use, even if you’re in the very early stages of becoming a Bible student. This volume can be a tool in God’s hand to overcome Biblical illiteracy, and to shape His people with the mind of Christ. Its way of introducing you to daily, prayerful Scripture reading is such a blessing."

Rev. Robert Bugbee, President
Lutheran Church-Canada

"What a privilege to review The Lutheran Study Bible! It is so thorough . . . so complete! What an encouragement to all of us to not only read but to study Scripture! I have been committed to yearly reading through the Bible for over 10 years. It's time for me to make a new commitment . . . to begin a study of the Scripture through the two year plan so well outlined."

Dr. Gloria Edwards
Board of Directors of the LCMS
Vice-chair of the Concordia University Portland regents


"Several years ago a clerk at the Concordia Seminary Book Store said, “Well, in two years a new Lutheran study bible with the ESV translation is going to be published.”

It’s been more like 5 years, but here it is! Given the privilege of an “early look” at this Lutheran Study Bible I will say unequivocally that it has been worth the wait!

This Lutheran Study Bible is a veritable library for a reader of Holy Scripture. Articles which give clarity and a deeper understanding of biblical themes are many. One particular entry sheds light on specific and significant content from each biblical book. The notes which give meaningful detail on most of the verses are clearly written and easy on the eyes, and they are written from the viewpoint that the Bible is God’s perfect Word which reveals Christ Jesus as the Savior who has come to give us Life. I cheer for this.

Those who have provided the verse by verse explanatory notes and the accompanying articles for this volume do so from the understanding of scripture which proclaims the true purpose of God’s Book: to tell us of the Christ of God who came to be one with us and to redeem us from sin’s curse. Justification by grace through faith is the foundational truth from which the Editors have worked. The Church is grateful.

I note that this volume lists the dates of Easter up to A.D. 2030. A reprint is undoubtedly in the works! I want my great-grandchildren to have this in their day as well, way up through Easter 2060 – at least!"

"The editors have placed a ‘Mission Icon’ next to sections and verses of Scripture which speak of the privilege and necessity of sharing the Good News of the Gospel. Thus the student of the Bible is given a visual reminder that we are not only to read the Word but to share the Word.”

Rev. Dr. Thomas Zehnder
Executive Director
LCMS World Mission
The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod

“The Lutheran Study Bible is absolutely consistent with basic . . . principles of the Lutheran Heritage Foundation. . . . Bible based, but also Christ centered and Reformation driven. . . . In addition The Lutheran Study Bible highlights the evangelistic thrust which runs throughout Scripture. All of this is uniform with the themes and emphases of the Lutheran Confessions. As a mission organization of the church, the Lutheran Heritage Foundation heartily endorses this significant contribution to Biblical studies, devotions, and evangelistic efforts of the people of God.”

Reverend James E. Fandrey
The Lutheran Heritage Foundation
Executive Director

“The layout of the total package—if I may call it that—is very well done. I like the “Front Matter”—pp. xv–lix—in particular. The “helps” included throughout TLSB will, over time, prove to be of inestimable value to the thoughtful user. . . . In college and seminary and in the early years of parish ministry I used the RSV (Oxford Annotated) almost exclusively. I was glad when the “Concordia Self-Study Bible” was published, but I was never really happy with the NIV text. . . . Now I will have available a Bible with what I believe are the best qualities of the “Concordia Self-Study Bible” but with a better translation with which to work! I eagerly look forward to the publication of TLSB and I am confident that I will recommend it in the District.”

President Joel A. Hoelter
North Wisconsin District LC—MS

“For several weeks now I have had a preliminary version of The Lutheran Study Bible on my computer along side my Treasury of Daily Prayer and have been using it for Bible reading, sermon study and Bible Class preparation. I do not have superlatives enough to describe this wonderful resource CPH has developed – another tour de’ force. . . . There is an amazing wealth of information in the introductory essays – How to Study the Bible; Law and Gospel; Articles and Charts; Biblical Chronologies. The Lutheran Study Bible deserves to be the first and last book a Lutheran Bible student pulls from his or her shelf (including the Catechism and the Lectionaries was a stroke of genius!). Most of all, the notes are designed to explicate and clarify Scripture, showing how it all points to Christ. You have to get this book!”

Rev. Herbert C. Mueller, Jr.
District President
Southern Illinois District LCMS

“Every broadcast of The Lutheran Hour has a segment which answers questions submitted by listeners. The vast majority of those queries deal with matters practical and profound. In The Lutheran Study Bible, questioners [will] be pleased to find they have been given an accurate, in-depth, simple-to-understand explanation of God’s Word and His will. No one could ask any more of any book. Congratulations, Concordia! In Christ, I remain, His servant and yours,”

Pastor Ken Klaus
Speaker of The Lutheran Hour.

“I found this Bible a thorough, profound and inspirational [work] that leads you to a spiritual journey of the biblical times. The historical ribbon on top of each chapter is my favorite [feature] as it shows briefly the specific timeline of the book. The Luther reference on each [biblical] text is unique and helpful for the Lutherans because it [would be] painstaking to go over and look up his works along with the biblical text analysis.”

Naoki Asano
Pastor of the Japan Evangelical Lutheran Church
Director of Global Mission in JELC

“The Lutheran Study Bible is a practical yet comprehensive resource for daily study and worship—at home, in church, for Bible study, in the classroom, and for sharing Jesus with others. It blesses the reader with study notes, prayers, and references faithful to the Scriptures and Lutheran Confessions. From pastors and teachers to hearers and doers, it’s a fantastic study Bible for any disciple of Jesus!”

Ted Kober
President, Ambassadors of Reconciliation

“I am extremely happy to [see] TLSB, and I studied it through with a great interest and enthusiasm. This Bible is THE BIBLE FOR LUTHERANS, LUTHERAN PASTORS AND MISSIONARIES for today. The inclusion of information, notes, outlines, pictures, maps, Lutheran explanations, the Small Catechism, the Concordance, etc., are well thought [out] and worthy of praise!”

Rt. Rev. Dr. theol. Kishore Kosala

“Thank you very much for the . . . copy with The Lutheran Study Bible. . . . Pastors in our churches will find much help in this work even if we are Danish and do not use English in our ministry. Wishing you God’s richest blessings in your work.”

Rev Leif G. Jensen
Evangelical Lutheran Free Church

“The Lutheran Study Bible is a required addition to the personal library for every Lutheran layperson. The well-written accessible prose examines in depth each book of the Bible and provides context, history, translation notes, maps, easy-to-read charts and overviews and exhaustive cross-references. These features guide Biblical students to a richer understanding of His Word and how we can apply it to our daily lives. The Lutheran Study Bible is certain to be a comfortable, constant companion on my personal spiritual journey.”

Dr. Kurt Senske,
President & CEO – Lutheran Social Services of the South
Vice Chair & Lead Director – Thrivent Financial For Lutherans

“Concordia Publishing House’s new study Bible with its notable emphasis on missions provides a distinctive in Biblical scholarship not readily found in other Bibles available on the market. This emphasis coupled with the solid Lutheran scholarship evident throughout the pages ensures that this Bible will prove an invaluable resource at home and abroad. If you need a new study Bible, you need look no further.”

Rev. Joel C. Elowsky, Ph.D.
Executive Director of the Center for Early African Christianity
and The Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture
Eastern University, St. Davids, PA

“The new Lutheran Study Bible is a tremendous resource. In an attractive and easy to use format, it provides a wealth of helpful information for all who wish to deepen their knowledge of the Scripture. It helps the beautiful story of God’s love for us in Christ come alive on each page.”

Jack Preus, President
Concordia University Irvine, CA

“The Lutheran Study Bible displays a remarkable array of virtues: translation notes, a running chronology, and extensive cross references. Noteworthy among its many strengths are: first, significant theological commentary and reflection that draws on the entire history of interpretation with special place given to Lutheran hermeneutical perspectives [that] will enrich every reader’s reflection on the meaning of the Biblical text for their life; secondly, the careful and faithful historical discussions place the Biblical text within its classical setting while noting, but not unduly engaging, alternative theories of dates and authorship. In a word, The Lutheran Study Bible keeps the text and its message before the reader by ordering related issues such as authorship and date as servants of the text rather than distractions. The result: the Christ-centered character of the Sacred Scriptures is everywhere on display. That is the greatest virtue of all.”

Dean O. Wenthe
President, Concordia Theological Seminary
Ft. Wayne, IN

“The Lutheran Study Bible illumines the depth and riches of the Scriptures in a truly inspiring manner. Having previewed the Bible, I can hardly wait until its publication when it will certainly become the most important work in my library. The scholarly notes, the devotional material, the articles and maps and introductions to the books of the Bible themselves, are of the highest quality, this work is an indispensable tool to clergy and laity alike.”

Rev. Paul Gausmann
Saint Paul Lutheran Church, York, PA
Lutheran CORE Advisory Council

“Without a doubt The Lutheran Study Bible is the most significant Study Bible ever produced in the Lutheran tradition. Moreover, it is one of the most thorough Study Bibles that has been published in any faith, and it will certainly benefit other like-minded individuals in the Protestant tradition. I know of no other concise resource that provides a purely distinct Lutheran interpretation of the Holy Scriptures. It is with the highest level of confidence that I commend The Lutheran Study Bible.”

David W. Jones, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Christian Ethics
Coordinator of Th.M. and Thesis Studies
Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary
Wake Forest, North Carolina

"Both lay and clergy alike will make good use of the copious study notes, maps, charts, cross-references, and articles included in The Lutheran Study Bible. I appreciate the attention paid to the writings of the church fathers, which preserve this important part of our heritage. This is an excellent study Bible following in the tradition of the Weimar Bible, the study Bible of 17th century Lutheranism.  It will be a valuable addition to every personal Library."

Rev. Gaylin R. Schmeling, President
Bethany Lutheran Theological Seminary
Mankato, MN

"A study Bible by Lutherans for Lutherans without neglecting our connection to the larger church! Employing the best current biblical scholarship The Lutheran Study Bible provides links between the scriptural bases for the teachings central to the faith and our confessional heritage that will help Lutherans more clearly articulate why we believe what we believe.  I particularly appreciate the emphasis on the centrality of Scripture in faith formation within the context of a Christian Congregation."

Rev. Dr. John G. Brunner, President Emeritus
Eastern District, The Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod

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