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Biblical Book Heading.
Appears at the top, outer margin above the ESV translation.

ESV Bible Translation.
Always presented in two columns divided by a narrow center column of cross-references.

Running Chronology.
Dates for a biblical book or for events within a book.

Verse Reference Numbers. Standard in Bibles; introduced by Robert Estienne in 1551.
ESV Sub-heading. Summarizes larger biblical passages for the reader.

Chapter Reference Numbers.
Standard in Bibles; first appeared in thirteenth century Latin Bibles.

Center Column Cross-references.
Standard in reference Bibles; in Kings, Chronicles, and the Gospels, watch for special references to parallel accounts. The ESV reference system is supplemented by references from the Luther Bible tradition (Die Altenburger Bibelwerk), here presented for the first time for English readers.

Cross-reference Overflow.
Appears when the center column cannot hold all the cross-references.

ESV Translation Notes. Further clarification of original wording.
TLSB Reader's Notes. At the bottom of each Bible page appears two columns that explain specific terms and phrases (italic) or provide other insights regarding biblical history, culture, literary features, and theology. Many notes contain Hebrew, Aramaic, or Greek terms transliterated into English. Bible texts have long appeared with notes called "glosses"; in Luther's first Bible publication of 1522, he included such notes to aid readers of his German translation. Historic Lutheran Study Bibles include Die Altenberger Bibelwerk, Die Weimarische Bibelwerk, and Calov's Biblia Illsutrata.

Theology Icons.
Three different icons mark weighty theological passages: (1) the Trinity Icon marks passages about the Triune God and OT messianic prophecies; (2) the Word and Sacrament Icon marks passage s about the means of grace; (3) the Mission Icon marks passages about spreading the Gospel.

TLSB Law and Gospel Application Notes.
These notes summarize each Bible passage, apply the Law of the passage for the reader, apply the Gospel for the reader, and provide a petition or praise to guide the reader into prayer, since studying the Bible is always a devotional act for Lutherans.

Cross-reference to an Article.
The reader's notes will often refer to introductions, articles, charts and maps through TLSB. Follow these references to gain further insights.

Church Father Quotations.
Numerous insights from the Book of Concord as well as Ancient, Medieval and Reformation era Christian writers were included to add greater depth to the notes.

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