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Many laypeople, church workers, and scholars contributed to the development of The Lutheran Study Bible, including people from Lutheran churches in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Czech Republic, England, Ethiopia, Finland, Germany, Ghana, Haiti, India, Kenya, Korea, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Russia, South Africa, Ukraine, and the United States. The editors wish to thank God for the service of each person.

Grow in His Word Research Project
The development team believed that it was most important to seek input from people who would actually use the Study Bible day-by-day. To begin development, more than 400 laypeople and church workers read portions of the ESV translation and submitted their questions about the readings. We carefully studied the nearly 1,500 questions submitted. Then we prepared our notes to answer the kinds of questions people are asking as they read the Bible. The result is a very thorough set of notes that presents both insight and application.

Key to Church Names
ELCA = Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
ELS = Evangelical Lutheran Synod
LCA = Lutheran Church of Australia
LCC = Lutheran Church—Canada
LCMS = The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod
WELS = Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod

Research Consultants
The following scholars served as research and scholarly consultants for the books of Scripture, introductions, and biblical chronology.

David L. Adams (LCMS)
Mark E. Braun (WELS)
Lane A. Burgland (LCMS)
William W. Carr Jr. (LCMS)
Paul E. Deterding (LCMS)
Roland Cap Ehlke (WELS)
Daniel L. Gard (LMCS)
Charles A. Gieschen (LCMS)
Adolph L. Harstad (ELS)
Horace D. Hummel (LCMS)
Arthur A. Just (LCMS)
Jeffrey Kloha (LCMS)
R. Reed Lessing (LCMS)
David I. M. Lewis (LCMS)
Walter A. Maier III (LCMS)
Christopher W. Mitchell (LCMS)
Timothy E. Saleska (LCMS)
Peter J. Scaer (LCMS)
Vilson Scholz (Evangelical Lutheran Church of Brazil)
Bruce G. Schuchard (LCMS)
Charles R. Schulz (LCMS)
Robert A. Sorensen (LCMS)
Andrew E. Steinmann (LCMS)
Mark P. Surburg (LCMS)
Dean O. Wenthe (LCMS)
John R. Wilch (LCC)
Thomas M. Winger (LCC)

Study Note Authors
The task of writing study notes was divided into more than 200 assignments and were prepared by professors, pastors, commissioned ministers, and laymen. Many writers contributed on more than one assignment.

Eshetu Abate Koyra (The Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus)
David L. Adams(LCMS)
Eric R. Andrae (LCMS)
Jon C. Bischof (LCMS)
Mark E. Braun(WELS)
Lane A. Burgland (LCMS)
Peter C. Cage (LCMS)
Paul E. Deterding (LCMS)
Gary L. Dunker (LCMS)
Roland Cap Ehlke (WELS)
Edward A. Engelbrecht (LCMS)
Michael A. Eschelbach (LCMS)
Alfonso O. Espinosa (LCMS)
Adam S. Francisco (LCMS)
Henry V. Gerike (LCMS)
Curtis P. Giese (LCMS)
Warren W. Graff (LCMS)
Adolph L. Harstad (ELS)
Raymond L. Hartwig (LCMS)
Michael W. Henrichs (LCMS)
Roger J. Humann (LCC)
Horace D. Hummel (LCMS)
Jerald C. Joersz (LCMS)
James A. Kellerman (LCMS)
Paul D. Kienker (LCMS)
Vernon P. Kleinig (LCA)
Jeffrey Kloha (LCMS)
Mark J. Lenz (WELS)
Mark W. Love (LCMS)
Timothy H. Maschke (LCMS)
Benjamin T. G. Mayes (LCMS)
Michael P. Middendorf (LCMS)
Steven P. Mueller (LCMS)
Scott R. Murray (LCMS)
Dean W. Nadasdy (LCMS)
Glenn A. Nielsen (LCMS)
Daniel E. Paavola (LCMS)
Fraser A. Pearce (LCA)
Victor H. Prange (WELS)
Reginald C. Quirk (The Evangelical Lutheran Church of England)
Rodney L. Rathmann (LCMS)
Larry D. Ritter (LCC)
Erik J. Rottmann (LCMS)
J. Richard Sawyer (LCMS)
Frederick A. Schmitt (LCMS)
Gregory P. Seltz (LCMS)
Michael K. Smith (ELS)
Robert A. Sorensen (LCMS)
Mark G. Steiner (LCMS)
John R. Stephenson (LCC)
John C. Stube (LCMS)
D. Richard Stuckwisch (LCMS)
Gene Edward Veith (LCMS)
Larry M. Vogel (LCMS)
Michael P. Walther (LCMS)
Karl A. Weber (LCMS)
Thomas M. Winger (LCC)
Jesse L. Yow Jr. (LCMS)

Additional materials, articles, essays, maps and charts
TLSB includes numerous articles that draw together important historical and doctrinal themes in Scripture and apply them to current issues. Many of these materials were prepared especially for this publication, while others are cited, or adapted, from existing Lutheran publications. Maps in TLSB were created for this edition. Contributors of the additional resources in TLSB include:

Robert C. Baker (LCMS)
Robert Benne (ELCA)
David Brazeal (LCMS)
Jan Brunette (LCMS)
Lane A. Burgland (LCMS)
Roberto E. Bustamante (Evangelical Lutheran Church in Argentina)
Roland Cap Ehlke (WELS)
Edward A. Engelbrecht (LCMS)
Michael A. Eschelbach (LCMS)
Lin Flechsig (LCMS)
Ingvar Fløysvik (Norwegian Lutheran Mission, Hsinchu, Taiwan)
Jane L. Fryar (LCMS)
Paul Kofi Fynn (The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Ghana)
Matthew C. Harrison (LCMS)
Adolph L. Harstad (ELS)
Vyacheslav Horpynchuk (The Ukrainian Lutheran Church)
Horace D. Hummel (LCMS)
Douglas W. Johnson (ELCA)
Guntis Kalme (The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Latvia)
Chul Hwan Kim (The Lutheran Church in Korea)
Hyo-Jong Kim (LCMS)
John W. Kleinig (LCA)
James I. Lamb (LCMS)
R. Reed Lessing (LCMS)
Gregory J. Lockwood (LCA)
Vsevolod Lytkin (The Siberian Evangelical Lutheran Church)
Korey Maas (LCMS)
Benjamin T. G. Mayes (LCMS)
Paul T. McCain (LCMS)
Glenn A. Nielsen (LCMS)
John G. Nordling (LCMS)
Joseph Tom Omolo (The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Kenya)
Walter Obare Omwanza (The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Kenya)
Stanislaus Pietak (The Silesian Evangelical Church of the Augsburg Confession)
Kevin P. Popp (LCMS)
Walther R. Roehrs (LCMS)
Charles P. Schaum (LCMS)
Remigijus Semeklis (The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Lithuania)
Anssi Simojoki (The Church of Finland)
Reinhard Slenczka (Evangelical Lutheran Church of Latvia)
Terry S. Small (LCMS)
Robert E. Smith (LCMS)
V. Indrenath Stanley (The Indian Evangelical Lutheran Church)
Andrew E. Steinmann (LCMS)
Volker Stolle (SELK)
Paul Touloute (The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Haiti)
David Tswaedi (The Lutheran Church in South Africa)

Associate Editors
Paul E. Deterding (LCMS)
Roland Cap Ehlke (WELS)
Jerald C. Joersz (LCMS)
Mark W. Love (LCMS)
Steven P. Mueller (LCMS)
Scott R. Murray (LCMS)
Daniel E. Paavola (LCMS)
Victor H. Prange (WELS)
Robert A. Sorensen (LCMS)
Michael P. Walther (LCMS)

General Editor
Edward A. Engelbrecht (LCMS)

Soli Deo Gloria

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