Symbols of Salvation: Foretelling Christ’s Birth - Advent-Christmas Preaching and Worship - Digital Edition

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Worship planning for Advent made simple. Follow the symbols of salvation and recognize that the entire Bible is about Jesus.

During Advent, show your church members how Jesus’ coming was predicted in three Old Testament narratives.

  • Four sermons with preparation resources
  • Four children’s messages
  • And four Bible Studies!

The text files in this customizable worship package allow you to adapt each of the included components for your church’s needs through traditional and creative worship settings. Also includes a media kit to prepare and promote your Advent season worship.

Weekly Sermons

Midweek of Advent 1: Old Testament Christmas

Midweek of Advent 2: The Lord Sets Up His Tent among Us

Midweek of Advent 3: You Shall Defeat Them as One Man

Christmas: The Living Nativity


About the Series

Themes from the sermon series are reinforced by the daily devotions and refashioned for children in the Christmas service and illustrated book. During this Advent season, your entire congregation will see how the whole Bible points towards salvation found only in Jesus Christ.

About the Theme

The Advent sermons in this series focus on three particular Old Testament narratives that serve as symbols of Jesus’ coming to share in our humanity: the burning bush, the cloud in the tabernacle, and the call of Gideon. The Christmas sermon then focuses on how the narrative of Jesus’ birth is no fairy tale but a true story that also foretells the purpose of Jesus’ incarnation. Jesus takes on our flesh so that He might die in the flesh for our sins and be raised bodily for our justification (Romans 4:25). All of Scripture finds its culmination and fulfillment in Him. May God the Father, by the power of the Holy Spirit, bless our meditation this season on Him who is the Word made flesh!

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