Ruth: More Than a Love Story

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This in-depth Bible study takes a verse-by-verse look at the book of Ruth to reveal God's holiness and wholeness. 
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There are many studies of the Book of Ruth available, so why one more? The book of Ruth offers more to readers than a familiar verse that is said during Christian marriage ceremonies. In Ruth, God tells us so much more than how to be a better woman or about the marriage relationship. Embedded in the historical narrative of this short Old Testament book are connections to God’s fulfilled promise of a Messiah and how God loves us and cares for us in Christ. The story is a wonderful picture of how God watches carefully over every little detail so His grace may come to fruition and fully abound. This history is just one link in a long chain of carefully orchestrated individual lives brought together for God to carry out His gracious plan for the redemption of the earth and all mankind.

The Holy Spirit is constantly remaking us, transforming us into Christ’s image and workmanship. Just as Ruth is about commitment to faith and to family, it is about God’s commitment to His promises even when we can’t see those promises being fulfilled. As you work through the chapters of this in-depth Bible study, you will come to see God’s holiness and wholeness revealed through the book of Ruth. 


  • Verse-by-verse study of the entire book of Ruth
  • List of key terms and concepts to provide more depth of understanding
  • Includes explanation of Hebrew words and discussion of structure of the Book of Ruth
  • Gives context to the story of Ruth, Naomi, and Boaz
  • Intended for personal or group study
  • Seven chapters; Appendix A gives answers to Bible study questions; Appendix B is the author’s translation of the Book of Ruth; Bibliography features books for reference or further study

About the Author

Deaconess Elizabeth Ahlman graduated from Concordia Seminary, St. Louis with a Master of Arts degree in 2007. There she majored in Exegetical theology, minored in Systematics, and also pursued certification as a Deaconess. Prior to attending Concordia Seminary, Elizabeth graduated with honors from the University of Iowa in 2005 as an English major with an emphasis in Creative Writing and a minor in history. Elizabeth and her husband are missionaries in Leipzig, Germany.

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