Rest for the Weary

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Painting a beautiful image of heaven, arranged for SATB and piano by Benjamin M. Culli.
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This piece by Benjamin M. Culli paints a beautiful image of heaven. Arranged for SATB and piano, Culli treats the text with a lyrical tune and supportive piano accompaniment. The piece builds and modulates in the middle section, then finishes quietly in the original key. A moving selection for All Saints’ Day.

A rest remains for all the weary;
Arise, sad heart, and grieve no more;
Though long the way, and dark and dreary,
It opens to the golden shore.
Before His throne the Lamb will lead you,
On heav’nly pastures He will feed you,
Cast off your burden, come with haste;
Soon toil and strife will be unraveled,
The weary way that you have traveled,
Sweet is the rest that you will taste.

The Father’s house has many a dwelling,
And there for you a place will be.
With perfect love His heart is welling
Who loved you from eternity.
His precious blood the Lamb has given
That you may share the joys of heaven,
And now He calls out far and near:
“You weary souls, cast off your sorrow;
My light shines bright upon the morrow.
Come, sweetest rest awaits you here!”

There rest and peace in endless measure
Will be ours through eternity;
No grief, no care, will mar our pleasure,
And untold joy our lot will be.
Oh, had we wings to hasten yonder—
No more this sinful world to ponder—
To join the glad, triumphant band!
Arise, my soul, forget all sadness,
For peace awaits you, joy and gladness—
The perfect rest and promised land.

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Rest for the Weary
Music List2022
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