Reformation Walk

Reformation Walk

Step back 500 years—all in one day.

At your Reformation Walk event, participants of all ages experience the sights and sounds of life during the time of Martin Luther. Along the way, they’ll meet people who played a role in transforming the Church and the world—forever.

Let the drama unfold

Don’t miss this important Baptism, courtesy of Hans and Margaret Luther.

Sprechen Sie Deutsch? With Ursula Cotta, you just gotta (learn some German, that is).

Yikes! John Tetzel will try to convince you to purchase indulgences, but don’t fall for it!

Soft pretzels and a servant story about Luther’s education. What’s knot to love?

Did you know? Martin Luther never intended to start a whole new church body. Witness the beginning of the Reformation.

Long-haired Luther? Kidnapping? Whoa. Frederick the Wise gives you the scoop.

You don’t need to be a nun on the run to enjoy this barrel of fun. Get ready to roll!

Martin and Katie Luther have a pretty amazing marriage that included some beekeepin’, some pig farmin’, and a heapin’ helpin’ of hospitality.

Fill in the blank: A mighty fortress is our God, a trusty ____ and weapon. Yes, you can with the help of a cantor!

What’s up with the symbolism of Luther’s seal? Hans Lufft unveils the mystery!