Reformation Heritage Bible Commentary: Timothy / Titus / Philemon

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Study an ESV and KJV text side-by-side in this revolutionary Bible commentary. The entire Church can see and hear God's loving-care in these letters from Paul, each one pointing to Jesus.
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About this Volume

The four letters in this volume are written to individuals: Timothy, Titus, and Philemon. They were church leaders that needed guidance and assurance in their ministry. Yet, these letters are for the entire Church. The Church can see and hear God’s loving-care in these letters, each one pointing to Jesus. While the teachings in these letters can, at times, seem counter cultural, you can be assured that they are indeed the inspired Word of God, and they are written in love for all who read them.

About the Series

The Reformation Fathers revitalized the Church with their influential biblical interpretations and application through reading, studying, translating, and preaching God’s Word. The Reformation Heritage Bible Commentary Series bring these teachings that have rung true for over five hundred years to you today with faithful commentary that stems from your beautiful Lutheran heritage.

This lay-level commentary helps you study the New Testament in a deep and meaningful way with commentaries and devotional warmth wrapped in an English Standard Version (ESV) and King James Version (KJV) translation. Both translations are kept side by side to showcase the historical and classic KJV translation alongside the more modern ESV. This series is perfect for church works, Bible class teachers, beginning theologians, or anyone interested in learning more about the Bible.

Each commentary features introductions, notes, charts, maps, applications, articles, and quotes from Church Fathers, including:

  • John Hus
  • Martin Luther
  • Thomas Cranmer
  • Philip Melanchthon
  • John Calvin
  • John Knox
  • Martin Chemnitz
  • Johann Gerhard
  • Johann Albrecht Bengel
  • John Wesley

Through broad contexts and specific verses, these historical, cultural, and doctrinal insights will lead you to a sound interpretation and application of the biblical text.

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Books of Bible1 Timothy, 2 Timothy, Titus, Philemon
Section of BibleNew Testament, Pauline Epistles
Biblical PeoplePaul/Saul, Timothy, Titus
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