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Inside of this practical book, you'll find direction for teaching every child in your Sunday School classroom, regardless of ability, about the love of Jesus Christ.
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A must-read for everyone involved in Sunday School ministry, Reaching Every Child offers practical help for teaching every child in your Sunday School classroom, regardless of ability, about the love of Jesus Christ.

  • Learn what has changed and what has stayed the same in the world of special education.
  • Understand the basics of teaching children with exceptional learning needs.
  • Get practical tips for the diverse Sunday School classroom.
  • Learn more about how to teach children with specific disabilities.
  • Find resources that can help you in and out of the classroom.
  • Rethink your approach to including every child.


"How do you welcome company into your home? Is it just opening your door and allowing them to enter? Or does it entail planning, preparing, and anticipating their arrival? Do you find yourself cleaning the house to make it inviting? Cooking and preparing food they will savor and enjoy? Inviting others who will complement their personalities and interests? Thinking of some engaging topics of conversation or entertaining game?

Reaching Every Child: Meeting Student Needs invites Sunday School, Midweek, Vacation Bible School and other volunteer teachers to welcome all students into their classes. Just as our friends have a variety of personalities, interests, and quirks, our students will demonstrate their own unique qualities. As teachers we need to be prepared to teach all students who come our way. All children need to meet Jesus regardless of how they learn, what challenges they face, or special needs they possess.

This compilation of short articles is a worthwhile companion for anyone who teaches but may not have advanced training in recognizing and working with students with special needs. Topics covered include basic theories of child development, accommodating student needs, ideas for adapting and modifying lessons, recognizing various disabilities, finding help, using the arts, and shaping attitudes. The numerous practical ideas suggested do not demand extensive time or advanced education to achieve. Help is available when we know where to look.
While appropriate for personal study as an introduction to working with all students, it would also be a wonderful discussion prompter for groups of teachers. Questions follow every article to start conversation on key ideas addressed by the articles. Sunday school superintendents and other leaders may want to keep a few copies on their bookshelf to share with teachers who are about to embark on working with special students. Additional resources are offered for those who desire more in-depth study of specific special needs.

This book is a valuable tool for both the experienced volunteer teacher and the rookie. It encourages the teacher to realize that working with special needs children and all children is a blessing, not a chore. Sharing Jesus and His love to every student is what we are called to do. When we welcome all children into our classes, we are welcoming Jesus to be a part of our class as well."

Dr. Becky Peters
Director of Lutheran Teacher Placement
Professor of Education
Concordia University, Irvine, CA

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