Perseverance: Praying through Life’s Challenges

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Through this eight-lesson journey, walk with Nehemiah as God gives him the strength to persevere past seemingly insurmountable obstacles into His redeeming grace.
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We all have it. That one thing that’s keeping each of us from a fuller life. It could be a habit to break, a goal to accomplish, or a lingering project to complete.

What if we, like Nehemiah, persevered with single-minded focus and trusted God to accomplish something incredible?

Nehemiah may not be the first biblical example who comes to mind when we talk about perseverance, but we look to his example to discern helpful steps that we can apply on our one-thing journey. God, through the life of Nehemiah, provides insight into how we can respond to struggles—the one thing—in our life.

Are you tired of being defeated by your one thing? Perhaps it’s time to do something about it. Through this eight-lesson journey, we walk with Nehemiah from Persia to Jerusalem as God gives him the strength to persevere past seemingly insurmountable obstacles into His redeeming grace. Each session includes a video segment that digs deeper into Scripture and explores life application. For individual and group use.

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Workbooks and videos are sold separately. For a group study, each participant needs a workbook, but videos only need to be purchased once. Videos are available for purchase on Vimeo

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Video Sessions

  • Video 1: Assessing the Situation; Nehemiah 1:1–3 (28:22) — Are you ready to really tackle that one thing that’s holding you back? that’s wedged between you and a completely open relationship with God? The first step is to identify the source of the problem (maybe a hurt or guilt from the past). Once you’ve done that, you can move forward—with perseverance and hope! But why look to Nehemiah for guidance instead of, say, Paul? As this video shows, Nehemiah is our perseverance role model because of how he begins his own arduous task—by praying to God.
  • Video 2: Prayer: The Nonnegotiable Power; Nehemiah 1:4–11 (28:10) — Prayer is vital to our perseverance journey with our one thing! This video shows that the Lord God is our power source, the only One who knows what’s going on and knows what to do. Here we see that Nehemiah depends on God, stays connected to God, and makes God his highest priority. Nehemiah prays it through—and so can we. With humble, repentant, and specific prayer.
  • Video 3: Gathering Resources; Nehemiah 2:1–10 (26:35) — Have you ever prayed for something so long and so hard—and you still didn’t get it? In this segment, we look at Nehemiah’s story, and at particular times when Jesus interacted with people, to see that reliance on God and knowing what we really need gives us the strength to go forward. By staying laser-focused on God and His will for us, we can patiently persevere.
  • Video 4: Choosing Your Posse; Nehemiah 2:11–20 (32:29) — We need people on our side. Our “posse” who have our best interest at heart and who understand our vision—those who will pray for and with us through specific challenges and who will lift us up when we need them to. In this video, we will see how God provided Nehemiah with people who walked in faith with him as he worked toward the task God set for him.
  • Video 5: Getting to Work; Nehemiah 3 (26:50) — The more we work at our one thing, the more work there is to do. Or so it seems. This chapter of Nehemiah shows us that the “divide and conquer” approach helps us to break things down into manageable steps. Jesus invites us to come closer to Him, to call upon Him, especially when we feel weak in our resolve to overcome the one thing that gets in the way of our relationship with Him.
  • Video 6: Handling Opposition and Obstacles; Nehemiah 4:1–14 (23:38) — Things happen. Just when we believe all is going smoothly, something derails our journey (or tries to). This segment is especially helpful for our study of perseverance because it explores how Nehemiah handled opposition. In his life, and ours, the real enemy is Satan. And we will face this opposition. But God has defeated that enemy; He gives us encouragement in Christ. Even when we buckle under opposition, we can be certain that, by the power of the Holy Spirit, our Lord strategically equips us to accomplish what He calls us to do! He never abandons us to fight alone!
  • Video 7: Helping One Another on the Journey; Nehemiah 4:16–5:19 (28:02) — The enemy is relentless. The more committed we are to our goal, the more he attacks. One of the ways God protects us is by surrounding us with people who remind us of God’s promises and ever present help in times of trouble. God uses us, too, to help shield others from Satan’s attacks. This video assures us that God equips us and others with the “full armor” and sure defense.
  • Video 8: Victory; Nehemiah 6:1–7:3 (32:17) — Today’s struggle is not our eternal destination. As we wrap up this study of Nehemiah, we are reminded that God is with us at all times and in every situation. God provides us with what we need to persevere through the hard stuff. This last video in the study reviews the qualities God develops in us when we persevere through adversity and points us to Jesus’ great work in us and for us.
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