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Ten Questions to Ask Every Time You Read the Bible

by Andrew R. Jones

Item #: 124648 / 2022 / Paperback / 208 Pages


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The Bible can feel intimidating. And knowing how to study it on your own can be even more confusing. the Bible has attributes of a history book and an encyclopedia— teaching about the cultures and attitudes of the people living during Biblical times. But the Bible is so much more than these two things. It is the very Word of God and directs us toward life everlasting with Christ Jesus. As you learn the skill of studying Scripture, the Bible can answer questions you may have about faith, life, and wisdom. 

Ten Questions to Ask Every Time You Read the Bible is a guide to digging in and improving the skill of reading scripture. These ten questions will help you navigate God's Word with clarity and confidence. Each question can be answered by digging into Holy Scripture. The questions will direct you to discover the text, context, and real-life application of passages in the Bible. God's Word is constantly at work, shaping, teaching, and leading us to the understanding of its contents and Jesus' redeeming grace. Whether you are a new or seasoned reader of Scripture, you can use this book to gain confidence in you study of the Bible.

About the Author

Andrew R. Jones lives in the Bay Area, where he enjoys writing, hiking, and adventuring with his wife, Stephanie. He has served the Church on three continents in varying roles, including campus ministry, international mission work, professor of preaching, and parish pastor. His writings speak to the importance of spiritual disciplines in the midst of a hectic world.

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Ten Questions to Ask Every Time You Read the Bible

by Jones, Andrew

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Devotional, Accessible, Doctrinally Delightful.

Reading the Bible can be difficult. People new to the Bible may find them hard to understand beneath centuries of cultural shifts, distance from the subjects, and the emphases of various translations. More seasoned readers might be tempted to interject their own historical theories or doctrinal views on the individual narratives. It can be helpful for new readers and veteran readers alike to take a step back to consider the narrative itself on its own terms. Andrew Jones suggests we do just that by asking a series of 10 questions. While these questions seem simple on the surface, they are anything but. Each encourages the Christian reader to consider aspects of the narrative that she or he might not otherwise have considered. Other reviews have already spoken to the accessibility of these questions, so I will give a concrete example of their application. For example, take Question 3: "Whose point of view am I taking?" When the reader identifies with a character, suddenly the Scriptural characters come alive in the mind. The Christian reader will also begin to see God at work in their own lives. The example of the character can give peace and comfort! Taking this a step further, the Christian reader also can reflect on why she or he connects with a given character. Introspection about motives then ensues and reveals a need and a gratefulness for Jesus. Read about Saul's fear of facing Goliath? Readers become more aware of God providing 'Davids' to defend them in their lives, and are encouraged to do the same. Read about David trusting God to face down Goliath's taunts and lies? Readers are empowered to do the same against Satan's accusations. Jones masterfully translates concepts from hermeneutics and communication studies into a devotional, accessible, and downright helpful book. All Christians will benefit from "10 Questions."

What does the Bible REALLY say?

Have you ever wanted to take a closer look into what the Bible means in YOUR life, beyond what you hear from your pastor, Christian friends and teachers? This book is a great guide to help you on your journey. Andrew Jones' thoughtful approach to reading the Bible through asking 10 basic questions each time you read takes you down a path that is easy to follow and at the same time stimulating, thought provoking and grounded in deeply meaningful truths. I highly recommend this book if you are looking to dig a bit deeper into how God's word can speak personally to YOU.

A Helpful Guide For Digging Deeper Into God's Word

The Bible is not an easy book to enter. Written over multiple centuries by multiple human authors, it can easily overwhelm the reader. Pastor Jones's book makes the Word of God easier to enter by offering ten questions to consider as you read any passage of Holy Writ. Each question gets its own chapter-as well as examples drawn from different parts of Scripture. After reading the chapters on every question, you can then practice all of them on four famous Bible texts (with some guidance from the author). I appreciated several aspects of this book. First, how Pastor Jones encourages us to ask questions as we read the Bible. We learn best when we are actively asking about what we are doing-and reading the Bible is no exception. It's no accident that Christians are frequently called 'disciples'-in other words, students. A Christian is a lifelong student of Jesus Christ. He is our teacher, and His Word is how He speaks to us. So when we ask questions of His Word, we get to learn more from Christ Himself. Having a literary background, I was grateful to see how much Pastor Jones urges us to read the Bible in context. A common danger is reading Bible verses out of context. To help improve our reading, Pastor Jones encourages us to read what comes before and after a chosen text. The simple advice to consider WHERE we are in a Bible story was also helpful. For though the biblical locations may be unfamiliar to many readers, they are often full of significance. In other words, maps are a helpful tool for understanding the Bible better! I was especially grateful to see Pastor Jones acknowledge the value of our feelings as we read the Bible. For unfortunate reasons, emotions are often viewed with suspicion in Lutheran circles. Though Pastor Jones rightly warns us not to treat our feelings as the source of all truth, we still do well to acknowledge them as we read God's Word-for they can help lead us into greater understanding of the texts. But the thing I appreciated most was how often Pastor Jones emphasizes how Holy Scripture brings Christ to us. When we read the Bible, we aren't only learning about how Christ saved some people long ago. We are hearing how He saves us today as well. Through the words of Scripture, Christ saves us from sin, death, and the devil. Through these life-giving words, faith is created and nurtured in us. Though we learn many things from the Bible, the most important thing we learn-over and over again-is that Jesus Christ saves us from our enemies. I recommend this book to anyone who feels overwhelmed by reading the Bible or who is familiar with it and wishes to deepen their understanding of this precious collection of books. I look forward to adding a few copies to my church library.

Thoughtful and Engaging!

Pastor Jones' thoughtful and approachable writing style invites ALL readers of God's Word to "come and see what the LORD has done" as he presents these 10 questions to aid in our study and understanding of scripture. Through an easy to follow structure, each chapter engages the reader in considering a new question and then guides them along with practical examples and opportunities, helping them to ask these questions for themselves. This book will serve as a great companion to God's Word for; Biblical novices and scholars, young and old, anyone looking to enrich their daily devotions or trying to get motivated to seek God's word more regularly. I can't recommend it highly enough.

A great book to help you know God better

Asking good questions is a key to growing in knowledge and wisdom. It's a great way to know other people better. And it's a great way to approach the Bible and know God better. Andrew has done a tremendous service for people who truly want to know God better through more effective reading of the Bible. Andrew's style of writing is pastoral, making complex concepts simple, clear, and easy to understand. Like the Ethiopian Eunuch who told Philip he needed someone to help him understand what he was reading, Andrew will help you unpack what God is saying in His Word through this very pragmatic book. If you are looking for a very practical book that can help you get more out of reading the Bible, this is for you. The questions are excellent, and the way Andrew unpacks them is clear and insightful. These 10 questions will help open the meaning of the Bible to you, and more importantly, help you know God better.

A Practical, Insightful, and Thought-Provoking Approach to Reading the Bible

Reading the Bible often sounds like such an intimidating task. Whether it's because of lack of interest or because it's not written like any other book, it can be intimidating even for the most "seasoned" Christian. But fear not! In his book, author Andrew Jones offers up a new approach to reading the Bible that engages you from "question one." Each question along the way helps to unpack the content of the Bible in a practical and tangible way, even providing opportunities to put the questions into practice along the way! As you read, you'll see that the questions function both individually and collectively, which only adds to the richness of this book and your future Bible reading. Whether you've never read the Bible before or you read it daily, asking yourself these 10 questions will change the way you read the Bible forever!

Accessible and Effective

Oftentimes books like this fall into one of two categories: too basic or full of deeply intellectual language that quickly overwhelms the reader. Andrew Jones's book effortlessly finds the middle ground between those two styles and allows newcomers to Bible reading to feel like they can participate, but also helps guide "lifelong learners" even deeper into their knowledge of Scripture. I appreciated the practical tips and "practice" texts throughout the book as well. I think this book will be a game-changer for churches and will allow their congregants to become even stronger Bible scholars!

For people new to the Bible and seasoned Christians alike!

This is a book I can recommend to people new to reading the Bible and seasoned Christians alike. There’s an enriching, encouraging, thoughtful word here for everyone — and that’s hard to do! The book’s structure is easy to follow and can be used by itself or to augment any Bible study or devotional. Each chapter relates a common experience or known truth to a reality of Scripture, making opening the Bible less intimidating. In doing so, the reader is set up for an engaging experience with any passage as God’s Word comes alive. More personally, Jones says that “Part of being biblically fluent is understanding the many and various ways in which God acts for His people.” That’s what I discovered following these 10 questions. It can be easy to present the Gospel in the “language” most natural to me — using one main example or narrative. This book helped me explore other ways to present God’s timeless truths and in doing so, increased my understanding of and gratefulness for our infinite God.

Insightful, Deep, Approachable, and Life-Giving Book

This is an incredibly helpful book for all people - no matter how much or little you may already know about reading the Bible. The depth that Jones writes with is immense and yet it is always accessible and approachable. Even for the most seasoned of Bible readers, you will no doubt have many new insights, reflections, and ways to read the Scriptures from this. The image that comes to mind is wading into the ocean from the shore. You begin with simply dipping your toes in as you begin a chapter, and by the end you have immersed yourself perhaps without realizing how far you've gone. The practical help and exercises included in each chapter of the book are two things that make this stand out from other "how-to" books about biblical literacy that I have read. As a pastor myself, helping people grow in confidence of reading the Bible is a key part of my life. This will become a great resource that I can pass on and give to others toward that aim.

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