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Measured by Grace: How God Defines Success

by Sharla Fritz

Item #: 204292 / 2022 / Paperback / 224 Pages


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How does God measure success?

In the Bible, you'll find no lack of sinfulness, shortcomings, rejections, and broken people. People like Joseph, Rahab, David, Jeremiah, John the Baptist, The Samaritan Woman, Peter, and Paul. Yet, we don't think of these people as failures. Rather, we see them as people God transformed, turning their lack into faithfulness for His good.  

Study these eight biblical figures to see that God does the same for you. He takes what you or society perceives as failure and transforms you for His plan. God does not judge based on earthly standards. No blunder is too big for him. No mess-up is beyond repair. His goodness goes beyond and turns your missteps into miracles. 

What Others Are Saying

"Sharla Fritz has done it again! Her new Bible study, Measured by Grace, will challenge you to look at the way you view success and see if your vision is that of the world or God."

—Susan Bell, LWML Eastern District President, 2018-2022

"Sharla Fritz offers a gracious gift in her new study, Measured by Grace, to all those who feel moored down by their mistakes and mess-ups. We are reminded over and over again through this study of God's Word that our failures do not have the final say over our lives."

—Michelle Diercks, author of Promised Rest: Finding Peace in God's Presence

"Sharla has carefully done an amazing amount of research that will make the biblical characters we already know and love come alive even more as she digs deeper into their stories. She walks the reader through understanding the not-so-pretty sides of these biblical characters while also pointing us to God's grace, love, and forgiveness."

—Molly Dixon, online Bible study leader

About the Author

Sharla Fritz is an author, speaker, blogger, musician, and retreat leader. She is also a pastor's wife, mother, grandmother, and lover of resale shops. Sharla and her husband, John, live in a Chicago suburb. She is the author of several books, including Enough for Now: Unpacking God's Sufficiency, Bless These Lips, Waiting: A Bible Study on Patience, Hope, and Trust, and God's Relentless Love: A Study of Hosea

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Young Adult - Mature Adult
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Measured by Grace: How God Defines Success

by Fritz, Sharla

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Greatest Success of All-Salvation

In Measured by Grace, Sharal Fritz shatters every earthly measurement for success and lets the light of God's compassion and love shine through and transform. Sharla examines eight struggling biblical leaders. She shows us how they ultimately acheive success through an everlasting relationship with God, and become powerful harbingers for God's salvation. This stellar individual or group Bible study will equip and encourage you, as you pursue the greatest success of all: salvation in God's generous grace. I love this study and will definitely share with others, its insight, resources, forbearance, and the grace of our Heavenly Father. Thank you Sharla Fritz!

Not measuring up according to the World's Standards? You are good enough for God's standards!

Sharla has carefully done an amazing amount of research that will make biblical characters we already know and love come alive even more as we dig deeper into their stories. Sharla walks the reader through understanding the no-so-pretty sides of these people, while also pointing us to God's grace, love, and forgiveness. God can use our faults in spite of ourselves and draw people closer to Him through the process. Though we fail God, He never fails us. In fact, He uses us in the midst of our failures. To Him be the glory!

Success that lasts for Eternity

What's the score? Who won? We all like to be winners and on the winning team, don't we? That's how the world measures success and because of that, we have a constant battle between our egos and the world. We have a daily "contest" going on in our lives to measure up and succeed. In Measured by Grace, Sharla Fritz takes us through the lives of eight individuals in the Bible. Some, we would say, were very successful, some, not so much. All definitely different and all used by God to show how He can bring good out of their mistakes and true failures. Sharla helps us get to know these Old and New Testament people by using timelines for when they lived, maps to show where they lived, and historic information to learn more about their culture. This study gives us time to Reflect, Dig Deeper, Apply, and Create a takeaway. As we learn about each of these Biblical characters, we need to also remember how God sustains and strengthens us when we, so often, fail. Yes, you will be challenged to look at your definition of success. There is no ruler God uses to measure us. In fact, He has destroyed the world's ruler of success and replaced it with His GRACE...and it is free! Take time to read this Bible study by yourself, share with friends, or use in a small group. Living in God's GRACE is a very successful feeling that lasts for eternity.

God's Plan for Success

I have so often felt “less-than,” feeling that I just didn’t measure up. Whether I was judging my own performance, or listening to what others thought (or what I thought they thought), I just wasn’t good enough, smart enough, nice enough… just not enough. But Sharla Fritz’ new Bible study about individuals from the Old and New Testaments of the Bible reminded me that God can – and does – work with ordinary people, no matter their situation, to accomplish His plans. Reading Measured by Grace, I am reassured that my status, worth, or success in life does not depend on others’ opinions, or even my own. Sharla offers a comfortable writing style, clearly showing the humanity of Bible heroes and heroines like Joseph, David, Peter, Paul, and others. I found it easy to identify with the struggles each faced, and encouraging that neither they, nor I, are rejected by God because of what we see as our failures. I also appreciate that there are thought-provoking questions after each chapter, and suggestions to help readers take practical steps to strengthen their faith and trust in God’s plans for them. I’m excited for this book’s publication so I can share it with others!

Successful Failures

I loved everything about this Study. I liked how the author personalized the stories of each of these people, where they became real - not just a Bible character. I liked the format of each chapter as I learned about these successful failures that God used to proclaim the Gospel. I liked the Study questions, always looking at common themes and enhancing what was discussed in the chapter. Finally, I enjoyed the suggested song selections and proposed activities.

Be Transformed by God's Grace!

It was with great anticipation that I said, “Yes” to reading an advance copy of Sharla Fritz’s new book, “Measured by Grace.” She has an easy-to-read writing style and drops in these wonderful nuggets of information and insight. Those nuggets all along the way make me pause, re-read, reflect, and usually jot myself a note so I don’t forget them. They are that good! This book goes right to the core of how we define ourselves and our successes or failures. It challenges us to look at how GOD defines success and what HE values. We read about eight flawed biblical people. Sharla asks, “Why would God include these stories of mess-ups and mistakes?” The answer, “Because they show us the power of His transformative grace. … God can take all of our missteps and make them into miracles.” I think you will be blessed to be reminded of God’s transformative grace over and over again. Read it for yourself. Share it with a friend. Recommend it to your small group!

A High Measure of Grace

After reading the book and doing the guide to go with it, I have a new means at looking a success in my life. I was challenged to look at my personal life and to the lives of the 8 characters of the Bible. I now see success is totally in God's timing and His hand in every situation. I look forward to sharing this study with our Zoom Bible study group.

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You Matter by His Grace!

Do you feel as though you have not done enough, achieved enough, succeeded enough? In this book, author, Sharla Fritz, reveals through God's Word and the lives of 8 people of the Bible, that success has a better definition than you've ever imagined! This is truly a Bible study that you will finish knowing, feeling, and understanding God's grace in a new, refreshing way!!

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Spotlight on Jesus!

Society has drilled in us fame, fortune, popularity are the definition of success. What does God say? Sharla takes 8 people from the Bible and answers this question! Truly needed in our get ahead world. The variety in whom she picks for us to study can truly reach each of us even when you think you have studied that one enough! A favorite quote "In reality, our past stories may be exactly what draw people to Jesus." Looking forward to studying this with other ladies.

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God's . View of Success

Sharla made these 8 well known bible characters come alive as she offered insight and historical background, she walks us through how God views success as compared to the world's view. After finishing the book, I felt great comfort that God could use me in spite of my brokenness.

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Showing 1 - 10 of 13 Customer Reviews
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