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Grace under Pressure: Responding Faithfully to Stress

by Christopher M. Kennedy

Item #: 124627 / 2022 / Paperback / 168 Pages


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Christ's words at his crucifixion are an important and iconic point in the Bible where He shows grace and love, even while dying on the cross. But, in your life, it can be difficult to find grace in stressful situations. As sinful humans, we act ungraceful when stress, anxiety, and difficult times come around.

We could all use more Christlike grace. 

Study Christ's words on the cross to see how you can have more Christlike grace in your life. Start by understanding what the four dimensions of grace are in the Bible: Common, Saving, Sanctifying, and Sustaining. Then, study seven different quotes from Christ on the cross to see what He teaches in these moments, and how you can apply them to your life. 

Perfect for group or individual study, each chapter has a Q&A at the end, and the back of the book includes a leader guide. 

What Others Are Saying

"Pastor Kennedy offers real, practical guidance for a 'new creation' response to life's many stress-inducing situations. . . There's guidance here for all who want to exhibit less 'me' and more Jesus in the words and deed of their daily Christian walk."
—Rev. Dr. Darrell Zimmerman, executive director of Grace Place Wellness Ministries, Lutheran Church Extension Fund

"Chris has captured the struggle every reader has with life's stresses, and he offers a Gospel-oriented assurance of Jesus' presence in the midst of that stress!"
—Rev. James Otte, MDiv, MEd, LPC, associate pastor, Messiah Lutheran Church, Texas District director of congregation and worker care

About the Author

Christopher M. Kennedy is a blogger, podcaster, and pastor, serving a large congregation in San Antonio, Texas. He is also the author of Equipped: The Armor of God for Everyday Struggles. He earned a bachelor's degree in communication, a master's of theology, and a doctorate in ministry. He and his wife are parents of four. 

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Young Adult - Mature Adult
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Customer Reviews

Grace under Pressure: Responding Faithfully to Stress

by Kennedy, Christopher

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Excellent journey into the depths of Grace

As a first time father of a 2 yr old, I found this to be a welcomed inspiration for how Grace helps us through challenging times! Pastor Chris Kennedy expertly weaves the daily need for Grace into our everyday lives by examination of the actions and words of the ultimate guide, Jesus. I came to learn about varying dimensions of grace and how that is applied to everyday living by looking to the cross. This is a fantastic read for the person looking to be 'better' under the toughest of conditions. It has many thought provoking questions and statements that left this reader captivated and encouraged (e.g. True reconciliation is a transaction of sorrow and grace). I recommend this to anyone whose ever been through those stressful moments where emotions have led them to say, "I know I can do better". It's wonderfully written direction for the demanding challenges of life!

Motivating, comforting, and thought provoking.

Readers are reminded that "Jesus' death has earned for you complete acceptance in God's eyes." This book reflects on how Jesus responded to stress, and offers thought provoking questions that help us evaluate how "gracefully" we respond to tough situations. Pastor Chris in my opinion, has a very calming and reassuring writing style, with perspective that stirs us towards positive change. Changes that honor our Savior. He prayerfully guides us to "seek more uplifting content" in our lives to help handle stress. This read definitely qualifies as that!

Coming out at just the right time

Pastor Chris Kennedy has written a wonderful new book using Jesus' 7 Words from the Cross to help individuals as well as small and large groups to deal with stress and pressure. The release from Concordia Publishing House features excellent discussion questions on each of the 11 chapters with some excellent leader notes at the end of the book for each chapter. I would highly commend its use for Small Groups and large Bible study groups as well as for your own edification.

Perfect for a Crazy Busy Momma!

As a mother of four, I constantly find myself asking God for "Grace" (frequently under "Pressure"). Thus, the title of this book instantly appealed to me. I was pleased to find a relatable path for living gracefully in an easy-to-read, conversational nature. We all face different pressures in our lives, but Pastor Chris Kennedy's tools are easy to follow and I look forward to using them on a daily basis!

A great guide to live by!

Pastor Kennedy quotes Romans 8:4 in his book, “walk not according to the flesh but according to the Spirit.” This book is perfect to read as we navigate through the stress of our daily lives. It gives encouragement as you read and relate to Pastor’s words and examples. It illustrates God’s love for us and what he endured for us. Personally, I reflected on myself and how I can be better equipped to handle future stressful situations. This is a great book for discussion in a bible study or group setting.

Encouragement in a stressful world

Having grace under pressure sounds simple, but can be one of the most difficult challenges due to our human nature. Pastor Chris does a great job reviewing Biblical examples of Jesus' grace and applies real life scenarios as reinforcement. I appreciate his writing which is applicable, informative, and intuitive!


I just finished reading Grace Under Pressure. This is yet another wonderful book by Pastor Chris Kennedy. The subject matter covered here speaks to all who are experiencing the stress and pressure of life's many challenges. I found the Grace Under Pressure to be filled with a refreshing balance of Law and Gospel, pointing the reader to Jesus throughout every section. Additionally, Dr. Kennedy has a real knack of taking each theological topic and breaking it down to relate to everyday life. This read is sure to be one that the trained theologian and the new Christian will both thoroughly enjoy. Order yours straightaway. You'll be glad you did.

Important Words - Get a copy today!

Pastor Kennedy is a gifted author! His experiences and stories in Grace Under Pressure proclaim clear the brokenness we all face, whether that be our sinful self or our pressuring circumstances, as he delineates the margin between our workload and our capacity has shrunk and as a result (dis) stress is increasing. With this Law, Pastor Kennedy clearly proclaims the Gospel by leading the reader to the only source of comfort - the Cross. Grace Under Pressure was a blessing to read!

A thoroughly enjoyable book!

In his engaging, conversational style, Pastor Chris Kennedy first explores four dimensions of God's grace. He then offers a fresh perspective into Jesus' familiar seven last words on the cross, offering the reader a perfect example of grace-filled responses to extreme stress, as well as ways we can respond grace-fully to everyday stressful situations. I thoroughly enjoyed reading GRACE UNDER PRESSURE. The author also provides a leader's guide and great questions for personal reflection. It's ideal for individual or group study.

Relavent, Relevant, Relavant!

The title says it all. "Grace under pressure." We all face pressure. Pressure with family, pressure with work, pressure After what we all went through with covid-19, pressure has only grown. Chris walks us through some of life's most greatest pressures. Then, he gracefully connects our lives to Jesus. What ever pressure you're facing today, this book strives to connect your own pressure to Jesus, so that you may drink from The True Vine, find the strength and courage to respond, and live out your life gracefully.

Showing 1 - 10 of 17 Customer Reviews
Page 1 of 2

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