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Chosen: A Study of Esther

by Donna (Pyle) Snow

Item #: 204286 / 2021 / Paperback / 256 Pages


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You're invited to study the Book of Esther.

The setting: A lavish feast in the opulent Persian Empire

The event: a beauty contest

The plot: save a nation from annihilation

God's presence surrounds Esther throughout the entirety of her narrative. While God's name is never stated, you can easily tell how God is working and weaving His plan to fruition through Esther. His presence, even in his seeming absence, is clear. 

The same is true for your life: God is always present with you, even when you feel He is absent. Just because God seems hidden does not mean He is absent, but rather, that He is working faithfully behind the scenes. He never abandons His creation, and He works diligently through you to propel His plan forward. 

In this eight-week individual study, see that God's presence is ever-abundant in your life, and that God gives you the courage to live fearlessly as Esther did. Learn the historical context of the Book of Esther to enrich your understanding of God's Word. Questions are included in each chapter to allow for reflection on your readings as you work through the study by yourself or discuss your answers in a group women's Bible study. 

About the Author

Donna Snow is a popular speaker and author. She has written more than thirty Bible studies and books, including The God of all Comfort, Without This Ring, Forgiveness, and Perseverance. She frequently leads retreats and Bible study courses and is a supporter of mission work. 

What People are Saying 

"With careful research and keen insight, Donna brings her unique perspective as a woman writing for women about a most extraordinary woman—one whom God used in a most special way in His plan of salvation for all nations, even when God may have seemed far away."

-Andrew H. Bartlet, professor emeritus of exegetical theology, Concordia Seminary

"Author Donna Snow brings her engaging trademark charm, humor, and insights to this study on the Book fo Esther. Grab your Bible and be ready to search as Donna takes us all through the Scriptures with personal, practical applications for our daily walk with Jesus. I was richly blessed by doing this study, and I am honored to be asked to endorse it. Readers will not be dissapointed."

-Janice Wendorf, 16th president, Lutheran Women's Missionary League



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Customer Reviews

Chosen: A Study of Esther

by Donna (Pyle) Snow

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Great Study of Esther!

Normally I wouldn't have thought to read Chosen since it's a women's Bible study and I'm a guy! But I know Donna and wanted to see how she wrote. I was not disappointed. What a fantastic book! From talking to Donna, I knew how much she enjoyed researching. The book is very well researched - scholarly, really. But at the same time, it's incredibly accessible. As you read, you feel like Donna is talking to you personally. She shares a lot of great stories from her own life - she's transparent in a way that is relatable and most importantly relates to the text. I learned a ton about the book of Esther, especially about the second half of the book, which I didn't know as well. The format is great. You're reading a book with questions interspersed - some asking you to look closely at the text, others inviting you to apply the themes of the text to your own life. Definitely five stars!

So. Good.

Esther is one of my favorite books of the Bible - so I was excited to see that Donna wrote a study on it...and her study did NOT disappoint! Donna does a wonderful job with historical references (She has done her research!), you are engaged through her writing learning about Esther’s story and you will be blessed.

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Well worth your time

Donna's studies never disappoint me. She brings her trademark charm, humor, applications and insights throughout this study. At times I felt as though I was sitting around a table with Donna. She draws on her experience traveling in the Holy Land and her extensive research in preparation for this book. Be ready to "search the Scriptures," because Donna takes us all over the Bible with personal, practical applications for our daily walk with Jesus. I was richly blessed; you will be also!

2 people found this comment helpful, 0 did not
Wonderful and encouraging

I was very intrigued when I saw Donna Snow's newest Bible study was going to be on the book of Esther. I have long enjoyed her previous studies, and this book has long provided encouragement for me. Chosen: A Study of Esther, did not disappoint. From the very beginning where those days in Persia unfold through timeline, culture, and customs, Esther's life becomes relatable. Esther was a woman chosen by God to protect and save His people (and her people)from genocide, endangering her own life in the process. This Bible study is a reminder that the most unlikely people are chosen by God for His plan. There are no accidents, and all that is needed is to trust and depend on Him, knowing that we are all chosen for such a time as this.

2 people found this comment helpful, 0 did not
Take Me Home

Celebrate God's redemption of YOU! Donna Snow's Bible Study "Chosen," a well-researched and riveting study invites you to follow Esther's compelling journey. Drama, deception, and intrigue attempt to plait a death grip on God's chosen people. This powerful study will open you to receiving God's love in the midst of your own daily struggles and hardships. Along the way, you will be absorbed as you learn about ancient Biblical life versus 21st century issues. Donna affirms "God's Appointed Time" will deliver us all from evil and will bring us to our Soveriegn Lord. I love how Donna brings us home to God as His precious, coventantal, CHOSEN people. Thank you Donna!

2 people found this comment helpful, 0 did not
Amazing Study

"Chosen" is an amazing Bible study on the Book of Esther. You will be blessed by the practical application and the detailed historical content of the study. Donna’s unique style shares with us that God is in control – past, present, future!

2 people found this comment helpful, 0 did not

I came across “Chosen” at just the right time in my life. After reading the Introduction, I was hooked. This study was just what I needed to be reminded of my value as a child of God. Donna does an amazing job weaving together the historical background and significance of the events in the book of Esther with practical and personal application. It’s so well-organized and easy to follow. I learned so much historical content. This Bible study is set up like a book, with content and personal questions interspersed throughout the chapter. It makes the reading interesting and active as you work your way through. Donna adds humor and personal stories to engage you in the study and serve as your guide. It feels like she’s teaching in person as I read. I didn’t want to put it down. It’s such a good mix of Biblical and historical content with personal application.

2 people found this comment helpful, 0 did not
Beautifully Written Study

Donna beautifully guides us through the historical facts of Esther, while also relating them to our current lives. This study is beautifully done and timely written for "such a time as this". Grab your girls and dig in to this Bible study - you won't be sorry.

2 people found this comment helpful, 0 did not
Excellent Study!

Chosen is a timely reminder of who you are as God's beloved child. Donna leads you through this excellent in-depth Bible Study of the book of Esther, giving you historical reference and understanding of the Biblical narrative. Insightful questions will draw you further into God's Word and help you see your place in God's story of redemption. This beautiful Christ-centered study offers hope, peace, and comfort, even when life feels uncertain. Chosen would be an excellent study to do on your own, with a group of friends, or your women's Bible study group.

4 people found this comment helpful, 0 did not

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