On the Resurrection of the Dead and On the Last Judgment - Theological Commonplaces

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In this Theological Commonplace, Gerhard considers the bodily resurrection on the last day and the subsequent judgment all will face.
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On the Resurrection of the Dead and On the Last Judgement consists of two of Johann Gerhard’s commonplaces: On the Resurrection of the Dead and On the Last Judgement

On the Resurrection of the Dead consists of extensive arguments for the resurrection of the dead from both Old Testament and New Testament sources against the doubts of Jewish doctrine, skeptics, and human reason. He argues that God has both the will and the power to restore us in this way, focusing on the material reality of the resurrection. Every man and woman will be raised again in their own bodies to demonstrate the glory of God and to prepare them to stand for judgement, either increasing in glory in their raised bodies in heaven or physically suffering in their bodies in condemnation.

On the Last Judgement establishes the purpose of the final judgement as a confirmation of God’s truthfulness in His Word, justice according to His Law, and kindness towards the Godly in His Mercy. While Gerhard acknowledges the mystery of the time and place of the judgment, only confessing that the Christ’s second coming will herald the beginning of judgement. Despite this, he does cover and interpret a number of signs of this coming, including the multiplication of heresies, general agitation in the world, increased persecution of the godly, and changes in the heavens.

About This Series

The Theological Commonplaces series is the first-ever English translation of Gerhard's monumental Loci Theologici. Gerhard was the premier Lutheran theologian of the early seventeenth century. Combining his profound understanding of evangelical Lutheran theology with a broad interest in ethics and culture, he produced significant works on biblical, doctrinal, pastoral, and devotional theology. Gerhard interacts with the writings of the church fathers, Luther and his contemporaries, and the Catholic and Calvinist theologians of his day. His 17-volume Loci is regarded as the standard compendium of Lutheran orthodoxy, with topics ranging from the proper understanding and interpretation of Scripture to eschatology.

Useful for research on Lutheran doctrine, Gerhard's accessible style makes this a must-have on the bookshelf of pastors and professional church workers.

Each embossed hardback volume includes

  • the translation of Gerhard's Loci (originally published from 1610 to 1625) 
    • a glossary of key theological, rhetorical, and philosophical terms 
    • a name index 
    • a Scripture index 
    • a carefully researched works cited list that presents guidance for deciphering the numerous abbreviations of the other titles from which Gerhard quotes.

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