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[NQP] Altogether Beautiful: A Study of the Song of Songs

by Goehmann, Heidi

Item #: 204227NQP / 2018 / Paperback / 208 Pages

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Women of all ages, married and single, are invited to join author Heidi Goehmann on an eight-week journey through the Song of Songs (through videos and a physical workbook), to draw near to God and His Word and discover just how much the God of the universe considers His daughters beautiful.

Heidi will lead your study—whether in community or individually—in weekly videos, where she’ll walk alongside you, diving deeply into the Song to extract the incredible beauty and truth found there. Each week, you’ll have five days of homework to complete in the workbook, designed to get you in the Word every day.

In this incredible book of the Bible, we discover deep spiritual truths, grapple with some of the most uncomfortable topics and questions found in the Bible, and—perhaps best of all—see the fantastic and lavish love our Savior offers us.

Workbooks and videos are sold separately. For a group study, each participant needs a workbook, but videos only need to be purchased once. Videos are available for purchase on Vimeo. For help on purchasing videos, read our how-to guide.


Praise for Altogether Beautiful

“Honest, witty, and wise. . . I have been waiting for a study like this!”
—Kim Loontjer, Assistant Professor of Political Science, Concordia University Wisconsin

“Hands down one of the best Bible studies I have had the privilege to walk through. Fresh, honest, and insightful.”
—Donna Pyle, speaker and author

“This is the best study of the Song of Songs I have ever come across. Period.”
—Rev. Greg Finke, pastor, author, and executive director of Dwelling 1:14

“Approachable and engaging.”
—Pastor Matt and Liz Schuler, Holy Cross Lutheran Church, Oxford, Michigan

“A rare combination of rigorous biblical study and relatable discussion questions.”
—Rev. A. Trevor Sutton, pastor and author

“Deep, probing, and significantly relevant.”
—Pat Maier, pastor’s wife and cofounder of Visual Faith Ministry

Item Number:
Young Adult
We no longer carry this product.
Kleimola, Kati

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[NQP] Altogether Beautiful: A Study of the Song of Songs

by Goehmann, Heidi

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