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Luther’s Small Catechism with Explanation - 2017 Visual Edition

by Luther, Martin

Item #: 223204 / 2018 / Paperback / 368 Pages


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When Martin Luther paired simple graphics with the profound teachings of the Small Catechism, it was nothing short of revolutionary. He presented families with a handbook for learning, thinking, and speaking about the Christian faith. 

Five hundred years later, we revisit Luther's ideas with the visual format of Luther's Small Catechism with Explanation, 2017 edition. Presented in an easy-to-navigate format with colorful spreads, engaging illustrations, charts, and callouts, this accessible, open-design layout lets you experience the catechism like never before. 

Experience the Visual Catechism. View sampler here. 

Luthers Small Catechism Visual Edition

There are three major sections of the visual format. The full text of the Small Catechism is included with each part presented on two-page spreads. The 2017 Synodical Explanation is presented with the colors and overall themes of each chief part matching the two-page Small Catechism spread in the opening pages. Illustrations, lists, and iconography aid in learning.

The Appendix provides a series of essays and lists that relate to Luther’s Small Catechism with Explanation, including reference materials and indexes. The Visual format gives you new and exciting ways to engage with the timeless truths of the faith at home, on your own, and with others.

About the 2017 Edition of Luther's Small Catechism with Explanation

Written by Martin Luther in 1529, the Small Catechism provides a brief, clear summary of God’s Word on the essentials of the Christian faith. In question-and-answer format, it explores the Six Chief Parts of Christian Doctrine and includes daily prayers, a table of duties for Christians in their various callings, and a guide for Christians as they prepare to receive Holy Communion.

An explanation designed to help readers understand and apply Luther’s Small Catechism has accompanied editions of the catechism since the early days of Lutheranism. The 2017 edition offers an updated and expanded explanation, tackling issues prevalent in our culture today. With 374 questions and 1142 Scripture references, the new Explanation provides more biblical teaching and devotional aids than ever before. The Bible text included in the Explanation is from the English Standard Version (ESV).

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Luther’s Small Catechism with Explanation - 2017 Visual Edition

by Luther, Martin

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Great Teaching tool, not so great binding

I was so excited about this. When they first arrived some pages were already starting to come out. I pray that the next printing you resolve the binding/cover issue. On the other side, I LOVE that it is color coded. I tell the kids to turn to the mustard pages and boom they get it. Let's talk baptism, its the blue pages. And it is way more approachable then previous versions.

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Great book, terrible binding

I was excited about using this version of the catechism with the confirmation kids (6th-8th grades). The visuals are nice, and the blank space allows the book to be a LITTLE less intimidating than a "regular" catechism. However, the binding is absolutely pathetic. I want these books to last the 3 years the kids are in confirmation and then some, but I'll be lucky if they last the year. This book desperately needs a thick, hard cover over the spiral binding. Don't get rid of the spiral binding; just improve the cover and it'll be so much better. I would have paid a little more if it meant getting a book built to last.

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Know ahead who is going to use this

I don't know exactly what I was expecting when I ordered this book. I have worked with a variety of different ability children throughout the years, and I was really excited about a "visual edition". It is what the example shows so like I say, I'm not sure what I was expecting - maybe more visuals throughout the entire book. The beginning of the sections have the most illustrations, with just a few scattered throughout the remainder. I just don't know...I haven't used it with a student yet so we'll see. The biggest disappointment, however, is in the actual construction of the physical book. As mentioned, yes, the spiral binding is very helpful to lay the book open on the table, BUT the awkwardness of the size and the weight related to that, seems to make this somewhat flimsy, especially once it gets into the hands of an adolescent. I don't think the cover will last very long, and the binding is questionable as well. I'm usually quite please with all the publications I receive from CPH, but this one falls waaaay short. Sorry :(

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excellent resource

I love this resource for all ages. Its nice that it lays flat or folds back like a teaching book! Would be awesome to use in with the digital version projected.

Needs a Strong Cover

I like the content and the layout. The colored pages may be difficult for those with visual needs. The worst quality is the cover/binding. It's a flimsy cardstock cover. It really needs a FIRM cover if it's going to be spiral bound. Or, just give it a traditional hardcover binding. I cannot recommend it with a cover like this.

Rethink the binding

What a great resource for Confirmation! Sadly, the book is an awkward size with no stability, the covers are thicker paper and it's spiral bound. They won't hold up very well with students over a 2 year Confirmation program.

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