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A Simple Explanation of Christianity (Pack of 20)

Item #: 223200 / 2017 / Saddle-stitched paperback / 32 Pages


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Pocket-sized and meant to be shared, this 32-page full-color edition of Martin Luther’s Small Catechism shares the Bible's key teachings simply, clearly, and memorably. A Simple Explanation of Christianity contains beautiful illustrations and provides powerful, time-proven questions and answers to help understand what God wants us to do, what He has done for us, how we can pray to Him, and how He gives us His gifts of forgiveness, life, and salvation. First written by Martin Luther in 1529, this “handbook” remains one of the most profound summaries of the Bible’s key teachings and basics of the Christian life ever written.

Offered in affordable packs of 20, A Simple Explanation of Christianity is a perfect complement for church promotions, adult or youth confirmation classes or to share anew with friends and neighbors.


About A Simple Explanation Series

A Simple Explanation booklets aim to help answer questions on various Christian topics, such as Baptism, Communion, denominations, and much more. Each booklet provides solid, scriptural guidance on these topics, making them perfect for outreach programs, new member classes, and in church pews. Sold in packs of 20. 

For more information on the series or to view the various titles, click here

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A Simple Explanation of Christianity (Pack of 20)

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Excellent tool, just not perfect

I bought this 20-pack for my home and over a couple years we have used them, worn them out, given a few away, and generally greatly appreciate an inexpensive catechism that we can use for daily reference. I do have two complaints: (1) The cover should tell you that this is Luther's Small Catechism, even if in small print at the bottom of the cover. I'm sure it's intended for outreach, but the current design lacks clarity in my opinion. (2) PLEASE add the Christian Questions & Answers to this resource. We use this booklet in our daily devotionals for catechism review and to share the prayers with guests in our home, but then every Saturday night we have to go around grabbing various other books (LSB, the Catechism with Explanations) to read Christian Questions & Answers in preparation for the Sacrament on Sunday.

The Best "Outreach" Tool We Have

What a wonderful idea! Let's take the Small Catechism, put it in a visually pleasing format, and give it to guests and visitors.

Explaining First Article of the Creed

One of the practical difficulties associated with using Luther’s explanation of the First Article of the Apostle’s Creed is that his explanation portrays a level of health, prosperity and familial fulfillment that is quite different from what we observe in the lives of many millions of people. And ordinary experience leads us to expect that at least some of our abilities will be diminished or lost by illness, injury or age. While we understand that humanity suffers as a result of sin in the world, it seems to me that in connection with this article we must also recognize that God in His wisdom may actually choose not to provide some of what the Small Catechism says God “gives me” or that He may ordain that we do not retain what the Small Catechism says God “still takes care of”. The Bible says: The LORD gave, and the LORD has taken away; blessed be the name of the LORD. Job 1:21 ESV The Lord kills and brings to life;     he brings down to Sheol and raises up. The Lord makes poor and makes rich;     he brings low and he exalts. 1 Samuel 2:6-7 ESV I form light and create darkness, I make well-being and create calamity, I am the LORD, who does all these things. Is. 45:7 ESV

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That was then, and this is now.

I compared the two versions, based upon "St. Luke's" criticism, and I didn't see what he was talking about. There was not much space in the '86 edition for notes either. In addition, the new one IS more visually appealing. This isn't 1986, and, I don't know how well that pamphlet worked then, but its a candidate for the recycle bin in today's visually hyper-stimulated generation. I'm ordering more to take with me in introducing myself and our church to the residents of Gary, IN. www.lcms.org/Campbell

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A SIMPLE EXPLANATION OF CHRISTIANITY is the perfect title for Luther's Small Catechism. Being in color, and beautifully illustrated (making it appealing to children and adults alike), this tract is great for evangelism, the perfect travel companion, and great for personal study. To state it plainly, A SIMPLE EXPLANATION OF CHRISTIANITY is the most brilliant work CPH has ever made available, not only is it great for personal use, but could very well be THE SINGLE GREATEST WEAPON WIELDED AGAINST THE ENEMY in our culture - and around the world. This should be produced in the MILLIONS and made available to EVERYONE. A SIMPLE EXPLANATION OF CHRISTIANITY should be promoted by every LCMS congregation in evangelistic outreach in thier local communities. How many could be brought to the truth of the Christian Faith and comforted by this little booklet! Everything necessary to believe in order to be saved is found in this little handbook. So many errors of the enemy are refuted by its plain testimony of Scriptural truth. This little booklet is absolutely PERFECT for use in street ministry when telling people the Good News of Jesus Christ and inviting them to church. (Which every one of us should be doing, by the way - and often at that! Just remember, The Great Commission applies to each and every one of us - and "all nations" includes your community! The mission field we are called to also includes your city! I fear too many Lutherans have forgotten this simple and plain truth regarding evangelism.) Just think of how many Christians don't even know the basics of the Faith. Just think of how many have been taught incorrectly on so many important issues that this little handbook addresses. This booklet is the perfect tool for informing a very un-informed culture - and by God's grace, radically transform lives, but most importantly, this little booklet clearly teaches the Gospel - and that's why it should be handed out and made available to EVERYONE. (We are the Church of the Reformation! Luther never earning a penny from his multitudinous published works - and thereby transformed the world. Therefore, I must ask: Why is Jehovah's Witness material more prevalent than A SIMPLE EXPLANATION OF CHRISTIANITY? WE HAVE A PUBLISHING COMPANY, for goodness sake! May we, together with CPH make every effort to remedy that situation! Amen.) And so, in summary, A SIMPLE EXPLANATION OF CHRISTIANITY can be used as a very powerful and effective evangelical tool that every Lutheran should have to hand out to friends family and neighbors as they tell them the Good News of Jesus Christ! May it be so. Amen. I encourage EVERYONE to spread the Good News to everyone you know with this powerful evangelical tract. Send those seeds out into the breeze! :)

Visually appealing

The visual beauty of the booklet makes it enjoyable to bring with me everywhere I go so that I can work on memorizing it while riding on the bus or waiting for appointments. Because I enjoy the look and enjoy using it for on-the-fly memorizing, I ALSO enjoy giving copies to others for the same purpose.

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St Luke
Not a sufficient replacement

While I understand the attempt to appeal to a more graphically oriented audience, this booklet should be offered in conjunction with the 1986 tract edition, not as a replacement for it. For it is a poor replacement. The Tract edition was simpler and allowed space for writing in information such as contact or notes. These pages are so dark and crowded, you'd need a white pen to get anything on them. This one will "do the job", but please bring back the simple, white Tract.

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Great gift

This small booklet is a great little gift. Give to family members, leave on table at restaurant, give, give, give!

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