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Every One His Witness Kit

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The Every One His Witness kit gives groups everything they need to implement this evangelism program at their church, school, or organization! Designed to serve groups of 12, each kit contains the following:

  • Every One His Witness Workbooks (12)
  • DVD (1)
  • Lassie Journals (12)
  • Experience Cards (1 pack of 6)
  • Pens (12 – 2 packs of 6)
  • Access to downloadable Leader's Guide (1) (see back of DVD for link to form. Access provided once form is completed and submitted.)

If you need more workbooks, journals, or pens, feel free to supplement the kit by purchasing additional copies.

What is Every One His Witness?

Every One His Witness is a Lutheran evangelism program that teaches you to witness to your friends, coworkers, and any other nonchurched people you may know. Using the LASSIE approach to witnessing (listen, ask, seek, share, invite, and encourage), you will learn how to naturally share the Good News of Jesus Christ through relational, contextual witnessing.

What does this mean? It means listening to those who are unsure about Christianity. It means asking questions that aren’t accusatory. It means sharing the Good News about Jesus. Notice how there’s no bashing, no judgment, and no forced imposition of beliefs. Instead, there’s understanding, communication, and honesty between friends. And Every One His Witness teaches you how.

What People are Saying about Every One His Witness

“Finally, a natural way to share your faith in the relationships where God has planted you as you care for others who have been broken by sin. I have already started to use this and am excited to share this resource with the people of my district.”
—Rev. Richard Snow, President, LCMS Nebraska District

“I appreciated the theologically sound Lutheran perspective of the E1HW program. The videos and our facilitator did a good job of demystifying conversations about our faith in Christ with neighbors, colleagues, and family members. It was a great encouragement to talk about Jesus Christ with anyone in an unforced, natural way.”
—Rev. Kris Morris, Christ the Vine Lutheran Church, Damascus, Oregon

“The Every One His Witness seminar and workbook provide valuable, practical tools on how to share Jesus’ story in the context of our daily vocations, showing how to develop relationships with family, neighbors, and coworkers whom we already know.”
—Bob Myers, Pensacola, Florida

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Every One His Witness Kit

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Our community is growing. Our church is dying. This is not uncommon to find today. We went through this kit as a way to help prepare and reinforce every one "witnessing". I personally hate these things, yet I attended the workshops because I know that doing something is better than nothing, and that other people learn more from this type of material than I do. The materials: There are more than enough workbooks and materials for a small church. Probably even in larger churches there is an adequate amount of materials, as there is only likely to be a small subset of people actually interested in this. While it may be useful for "every one" to see this, we all know some of them just don't care, or at least don't care to grow in this area. The videos are high quality. I think making these materials available in a digital form wouldn't be hard at all, but I don't think it would substantially lower the price anyway, plus it may feel gimmicky since people will need to print out the materials anyway to actively engage in the workshop. There are supplemental materials that are available digitally without extra cost. The Content: As stated earlier, I hate these things. At least I haven't encountered one that I've really enjoyed. It is too forced and too "classroomy" for me. I still got useful nuggets out of it, such as the head, heart, and hands distinction. Yet if you are the type of person that having evangelistic or even general religious conversations with people doesn't come naturally, these materials are not the most effective way to grow. You may feel you need to wait until you "feel ready" to defend the faith or proclaim the Gospel, but you won't actually ever feel ready. There's always going to be more preparation you can do, more time spent in the Bible, more talks about various questions with your pastor. The only thing that will help you to feel more comfortable is to go out and have those conversations. You don't need to go out and start knocking on doors, but just start talking to the people in your life you are already in contact with (a common theme in these workshops). Talk to people you already know. You'll usually be surprised how ready people actually are to have these conversations. We are all afraid of them, but usually end up relieved and uplifted after we have actually had them.

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Fresh and Useful

We used this material at our Wednesday night Bible study and it was well received. It was a refreshing look at sharing the faith from a Lutheran lens that was very relevant to the context of our culture. We especially liked the leaders view of sharing the faith with an awareness of the hear's preference for head, heart or hands. We will continue to use this information as a congregation and personally.

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Great Program

Ordered one kit for our church as a preview for our Board of Education. Love the material. Ordering a second so that we can do a larger scale workshop. Great stuff, here! Also loved the price. That's a TON of material for the price.

1 people found this comment helpful, 0 did not
Get a Trivent Action Team Thingy

Dude, Marvin, even though PDFs don't cost anything to send or download, somebody still has to write and design the material. You accuse them of acting like liberals, but you want a bunch of people to put in hard work (for which you do not want to compensate them) so that you can receive the fruits of their labor for free. I trust/hope that CPH is making this as affordable as they can. I also hope that in the future, once they have recouped what they have invested into this, that they will seek ways to make it even more affordable to congregation that were unable to initially participate in it. In the meantime, I have a suggestion for you and others who would like to make use of this material, but are unable to afford it. Find someone in your congregation who is a Thrivent member. Have them fill out one of those Action Team thingies for an outreach event at your church. Purchase this material with the seed money you get. You'll have $120 left over (actually a little less than that... stupid shipping costs) to order additional workbooks or pizza and snacks for during your training event. God's peace, brother. **DISCLAIMER** I haven't actually had a chance to use this product. I'm looking forward to the training I will be attending early next year and I hope that it will be worthy of the 5 stars I've given it.

7 people found this comment helpful, 1 did not
No more hurdles,Please

Information like this should be freely available in pdf format. If you still want to sell it in a printed kit, by all means do so, but please stop limiting, commercialising and making God's work so proprietary and hard to get. What you have been doing is similar to what liberals do with taxes, they overtax for revenue because of a lack of growth, with causes a bottleneck which contributes to the lack of growth. Give information like this to the people who need it, take advantage of the internet while celebrate it, don't try to sell it to us. Please, don't create more hurdles between God's people and His work that He accomplishes through us. Make all witnessing material open source and watch God growth through his work explode and His tree will produce fruit in abundance to His glory.

6 people found this comment helpful, 8 did not

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