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Our Way Home: A Journey through the Lord's Prayer

by Daniel Paavola

Item #: 124488 / 2017 / Paperback / 190 Pages


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When you pray, you stand at the door to the Father’s house and knock.

But do you dare to hope the door will open?

When we pray, we’re often hesitant. Hesitant to believe that our small voices will be heard by the sovereign God reigning in heaven. Hesitant to think we even have the right words to say. But Jesus gave His disciples—and us—the Lord’s Prayer as a guide in our prayer life. This prayer contains words of confession, thanks, recognition, need, and praise; it’s the perfect prayer model from our perfect role model.

Our Way Home invites you on an incredibly vivid journey through the Lord’s Prayer to dispel your hesitancy and to discover the power, the beauty, and the depth of the world’s most famous prayer. Paavola surrounds each petition of the Lord’s Prayer with captivating imagery and storytelling that will animate your praying, making it a prayer you not only say with confidence but live out every day—in any situation and in every circumstance.

So whether you’ve prayed the Lord’s Prayer a thousand times or you’re not quite familiar with every word, you will be encouraged to pray the words Jesus has given you with renewed boldness. You will come to the door of your Father’s house and knock with confidence because you have the words to say. All you have to do is pray “Our Father. . .”

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“His mastery of illustration through poignant example makes Dan Paavola is a remarkable teacher and preacher. The same homespun style in his writing will engage readers just as the author so effectively connects to his students in the classroom and hearers from the pulpit. A first-rate scholar with a compassionate pastor’s heart, Dr. Paavola has few equals in his ability to connect text to context—the application of the Bible’s teaching to the everyday lives of people. In this study of the Lord’s Prayer—well-known words that are at once simple yet sublime—Dr. Paavola makes the familiar familial. People who pray to the Father will be encouraged on their way home.”
—Dr. Patrick Ferry, President of Concordia University Wisconsin

“Dr. Paavola’s use of vivid images and relatable word pictures explore the Lord’s Prayer with insight and depth. His writing style is rich with an element of storytelling that engages and enlightens. As he leads the reader through each petition, the journey home reveal layers of meaning and astonishing grace.”
—Jessica Bordeleau, Young Adult Ministry Coordinator for the LCMS Youth Ministry Office

“Dr. Paavola’s engaging style uniquely combines wit and charm with the trusted voice of a well-read scholar. He invites you on a lively journey in which you are actively placed in each petition to see anew the kingdom, power and glory of our Father. This book has changed the way I pray the Lord’s Prayer. It’d be an excellent resource for Confirmation, adult Bible study or individual reflection.”
—Amy Gray, Media and Publications Project Coordinator for the LCMS Office of National Mission’s Youth Ministry

“I learned the Lord’s prayer 25 years ago, but I never truly understood it until now. . . [Our Way Home] invites us to exit life’s crazy highway to spread a picnic blanket in the warm sun with God and His Word.”
—Donna Pyle, Author

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Our Way Home: A Journey through the Lord's Prayer

by Daniel Paavola

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Unique and memorable way to approach the Lord’s Prayer

In this book, Paavola compares the Lord’s Prayer to a journey from heaven to earth and then back to heaven again. We begin in the throne room of God in heaven, hallowing His name. As the prayer progresses, we bring the petitions to earth, asking for His will to be done, for daily bread, for forgiveness, and for help with temptation. Then our journey starts back toward heaven again, asking God to deliver us from evil (looking forward to heaven), and culminating as we revel in God’s kingdom, power, and glory. It is a unique way to view the Lord’s Prayer, and Paavola illustrates scenarios along the way to further enrich the reader’s understanding of each petition. The chapter comparing forgiveness to a flood particularly resonated with me. Since God has shown such abundance to me in forgiving my sins, how can I do anything but forgive others? It’s as if a friend asks for some water when our house is flooded. We’re more than happy to give as much as he’ll take. The final chapter was excellent as well, as Paavola recalls “snapshots” from the journey, encourages readers to personalize the stories, and offers suggestions on different ways to use the Lord’s Prayer in one’s own personal prayer life. It’s a book I encourage all Christians to read, especially if you find yourself bored with the Lord’s Prayer or rattling it off without much thought. It will give you a fresh look at the perfect prayer given to us by our Lord Himself.

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Loved It!

Paavola does an excellent job of being our tour guide as we walk with our Gracious Father by means of the Lord's Prayer! His imagery is vivid and quite helpful in drawing the reader in to the majesty of such a profoundly powerful prayer! This has certainly deepened my appreciation of the Lord's Prayer!

Great Content, Tiny Font

We just finished a small group study of this book. We all have really enjoyed Paavola's wonderful analogies. He paints a word picture that sticks with as every time we pray the Lord's Prayer. The insight that he instills through these analogies coupled with scriptural texts have refreshed our prayer life and have encouraged us to think about the Lord's prayer as more than a default when we don't know what to pray, but rather a rich conversation with our God who meets us in heaven, comes down to earth with us and then guides us back to heaven. Our group has individuals ranging in age from mid-20's to mid-60's and every single one of us found the book to be physically difficult to read. The editors made an unfortunate font and formatting choice which detracts from the readability. If you have an e-reader, you might be better off buying the digital version where you can adjust the font to your needs. However, if you can get past the font, the content is wonderful, insightful, and feeds the soul.

I learned the Lord's prayer 25 years ago, but I never truly understood it until now.

I learned the Lord's prayer 25 years ago, but I never truly understood it until now. I thought this book would be a great gift for new Christians, but it turned out to be the greatest gift to me. It invites us to exit life's crazy highway to spread a picnic blanket in the warm sun with God and His Word. Paavola masterfully weaves stories and deep biblical understanding to guide us through the prayer that Jesus taught us. Not only would this make a great gift for confirmation youth, but anyone who desires to know the very heart of Jesus.

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