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Twenty-Seven Hymn Harmonizations for Reformation

by Henry V. Gerike

Item #: 977741 / 2016 / Saddle-stitched paperback / 36 Pages

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A large collection of hymn harmonizations by Henry V. Gerike on hymns that reflect the theology of Martin Luther with its emphasis on the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ for our salvation. These harmonizations are designed to highlight certain aspects of the texts. Not strictly for Reformation Day, they span the Church Year, including hymn tunes typically used during Advent, Christmas, Lent, Thanksgiving, and more. Consider using these settings to accompany your congregation, choir, or cantor.


Lord, Keep Us Steadfast in Your Word
O Lord, We Praise Thee
Preserve Your Word, O Savior


Lord Jesus Christ, with Us Abide; O Lord, Look Down from Heaven, Behold; A Mighty Fortress Is Our God; Lord, Keep Us Steadfast in Your Word; Lord God, to Thee We Give All Praise; The Law of God Is Good and Wise; Lord, Open Now My Heart to Hear; Salvation unto Us Has Come; All Who Believe and Are Baptized; Water, Blood, and Spirit Crying; O Lord, We Praise Thee; The Gospel Shows the Father’s Grace; Lord Jesus Christ, We Humbly Pray; Lord Jesus Christ, Be Present Now; Lord, Help Us Ever to Retain; Renew Me, O Eternal Light; Lord, Thee I Love with All My Heart; If God Himself Be for Me; Built on the Rock; Come, Holy Ghost, God and Lord; O Little Flock, Fear Not the Foe; Preserve Your Word, O Savior; O Word of God Incarnate; I Lay My Sins on Jesus; To God the Holy Spirit Let Us Pray; Now Thank We All Our God; The Lord, My God, Be Praised; Dear Christians, One and All, Rejoice; On Christ’s Ascension I Now Build; If Your Beloved Son, O God; All Christians Who Have Been Baptized; O God of Love, O King of Peace; By Grace I’m Saved; Baptized into Your Name Most Holy; In Adam We Have All Been One; The Tree of Life; From God Can Nothing Move Me; As Rebels, Lord, Who Foolishly Have Wandered; All Mankind Fell in Adam’s Fall; When in the Hour of Deepest Need; O God, O Lord of Heaven and Earth


Ach bleib bei uns; Ach Gott, vom Himmel sieh darein; Ein feste Burg (Isorhythmic); Ein feste Burg (Rhythmic); Erhalt uns, Herr; Es ist das Heil; Filter; Gott sei gelobet und gebenedeiet; Herr Jesu Christ, dich zu uns wend; Herr Jesu Christ, meins; Herzlich lieb; Ist Gott für mich; Kirken den er et gammelt Hus; Komm, Heiliger Geist, Herre Gott; Kommt her zu mir; Munich; Nun bitten wir; Nun danket alle Gott; Nun freut euch; Nylunda; O dass ich tausend Zungen hätte (Dretzel); The Saints’ Delight; Tree of Life; Von Gott will ich nicht lassen; Welcome; Wenn wir in höchsten Nöten sein; Wittenberg New
Item Number:
We no longer carry this product.
Medium - Easy
Ascension, Baptism, Baptismal Life, Beginning of Service, Christian Life, Church, Church Militant, Close of Service, Confession and Absolution, Confirmation, Easter, Education, End Times, Evening, Festival, Gospel Call, Hope and Comfort, House of God, Invocation, Justification, Lord's Supper, Mission and Witness, Morning, Nation, New Year, Ordination and Installation, Pentecost, Praise and Adoration, Prayer, Redeemer, Reformation Day, Sanctification, Society, Thanksgiving and Harvest, Travel, Trinity, Trust, Vocation, Word of God
Composer, Tune:
Martin Luther; Cornelius Heinrich Dretzel; Bruce W. Becker; Louis Bourgeois; Jeffrey Blersch; Jan O. Bender; Johann Crüger; Jeffrey Blersch; Sandra J. Voelker; Ludvig M. Lindeman
Composer, Setting:
Henry V. Gerike

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Twenty-Seven Hymn Harmonizations for Reformation

by Henry V. Gerike

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