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Why Should I Trust the Bible?

by A. Trevor Sutton

Item #: 124476 / 2016 / Paperback / 230 Pages


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“A winsome witness to the complete reliability of the Bible.”
—Rev. Dr. Patrick T. Ferry, President, Concordia University Wisconsin

You’ve got tough questions about the Bible. Maybe you’ve even heard things like, “The Bible is racist.” Or, “The Bible has too many errors and edits.” Or, “The Bible is merely a mythological story like Homer’s Odyssey.”

This book tackles accusations like those head-on. Pastor Sutton compares the Bible to writings that have been deemed more credible than the Bible, like the Book of Mormon, encyclopedias, and even Shakespeare’s works. He tests the Bible using the same rigorous standards that have been used to test those other writings. He examines historical evidence, witness accounts, and translation concerns. 

By the end, you’ll be able to better defend your faith when its very foundation is attacked. You’ll get many of your tough questions answered. And you’ll see that when all other texts fall, the Bible still stands—as completely, undeniably trustworthy.

Praise for Why Should I Trust the Bible?
Why Should I Trust the Bible? demonstrates a style of writing our churches need. Trevor Sutton removes the jargon from theology so that all the members of Christ’s church, lay and clergy, can learn more about the truth of God’s Word in a way we can easily understand and put to use in our daily life and witness. The title poses the question Why Should I Trust the Bible? and Pastor Sutton’s answers will bless individual reading, study groups, and sermons.”
—Rev. Dr. Dale Meyer, President, Concordia Seminary

“In a time in the world when there are so many more questions than answers, this book speaks with great clarity and great precision about the reliability of the Holy Scriptures. While the thinking is deep and detailed, the writing is warm and pastoral. The author has a simple formula that leads the reader to understanding God’s plan of salvation: Grace + Faith = Salvation. Simple is good! Thank you, Pastor Sutton, for this fine work.”
—Rev. Timothy M. Klinkenberg, Senior Pastor, St. John’s Lutheran Church, Orange, California

“If you’ve never been asked why the Bible can be trusted, you will be. If you’ve never asked that question yourself, you should. And this brief, nontechnical volume will be of great help in beginning to formulate an answer. With both humor and humility, Trevor Sutton guides readers through some of the most common objections to Scripture’s trustworthiness, answering each winsomely and wittily—and pastorally. Highly recommended for youth and adult Bible studies and for all parish libraries.”
—Rev. Dr. Korey Maas, Assistant Professor of History, Hillsdale College

“Trevor Sutton has provided a wealth of information and explanation that is a needed antidote for our time. Why Should I Trust the Bible? identifies and responds to the many baseless but constant arguments against the authority of the Bible. Rev. Sutton’s work is easy to read and well-argued yet brief and to the point. The excursus after each chapter offers enlightening and powerful comparisons between the Bible and other texts. The question-and-answer section for each chapter is also a very helpful resource for both readers and teachers. I anticipate referencing this work often in the courses I teach and would suggest it as required reading for Lutheran high schools and universities."
—Rev. Dr. Michael Eschelbach, Professor of New Testament, Concordia University Irvine

“Many have been troubled by the glib, shallow, and often ill-informed challenges to the Christian faith that permeate our society, even in its most well-respected secular news and information media. This is a book for any layperson who has been bothered by the sincere—and, at times, cynical—but misleading repetition of these challenges. Rev. Sutton explains the basic issues in straightforward, understandable language without getting bogged down in technicalities, which can be left to later exploration of particular issues. This book is the entry point for anyone who wishes to fortify their defense of the Christian faith with knowledge of the facts. Its inclusion of discussion items for each chapter makes it a convenient way to probe the issues with others who are also seeking to grow in their knowledge, or they can be used simply for one’s own review and as a spur for further study.”
—Rev. Dr. Andrew Steinmann, Distinguished Professor of Theology and Hebrew, Concordia University Chicago

“Where can we put our trust in today’s ‘headline equals truth,’ fast-paced, quick-scrolling culture? Having spent my career engaging in the digital space, I see how the onslaught of secular humanism relentlessly berates the Christian worldview. As the attacks rain down upon us, it’s only natural for Bible-believing Christians to have moments where we pause and ask, 'Is this all true? Can the Bible that proclaims our Savior be trusted?' In Why Should I Trust the Bible?, Rev. Sutton takes a number of myths that seek to discredit the Bible and places them on the table for discussion. Chapter by chapter, he carefully dissects each claim in detail and counters them with solid biblical truth. By taking the time to examine each claim, Sutton strengthens our confidence in the Bible and equips us to more thoughtfully share the truth with our family, friends, and neighbors in truth and love whether online or offline. I pray that this is the first in a series of apologetic books.”
—Seth R. Hinz, Assistant to the President—Web/Media Director, LCMS Michigan District

About the Author
A. Trevor Sutton is associate pastor at St. Luke Lutheran Church in Haslett, Michigan, and is the author of Being Lutheran (Concordia, 2016). 

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Why Should I Trust the Bible?

by A. Trevor Sutton

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Excellent overview. Whether you are Lutheran or not, this book gives information that is factual that can be used against unbelievers criticisms. Our women's group is enjoying this study this summer. There are some areas I feel he could have explained more in depth regarding "missing books" or the Apocrypha... but overall, it's a great resource. Whether review or new information, we are enjoying it.


I agree with what Rev. Sutton has written, yet if he is writing to Christians, he is preaching to the choir. If he is writing apologetically, he offers way to much of his own opinion without backing it up. Needs to be references in order to arm us with information necessary to walk in this world.

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Our women's bible study group just completed this book. It is one of the best we have done! The author, Trevor Sutton points to Christ throughout. There are comparisons throughout the study and gives the average Christian answers to use when asked about the Bible. Great Study!

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A. Trevor Sutton's "Why Should I Trust the Bible?" brings a distinctly Lutheran, Christ-centered approach to the defense of the reliability of the Holy Scriptures. Sutton presents various questions and objections to the Bible simply, and provides simple answers with vivid illustrations that uphold the trustworthiness of the Scriptures. What's refreshing about Sutton's approach is that Jesus Christ is always at the center of the defense; without the forgiveness of sins, why worry about the trustworthiness? But because the Gospel is the center of the Scriptures, it's imperative that we can trust them. This book would be especially helpful for congregation reading groups, high school bible classes, or for those just getting started in learning about the defense of the Bible's reliability.

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