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Sip, Savor, and Drink Deeply: Receive God's Overflowing Gifts

by Deb Burma

Item #: 204216 / 2017 / Paperback / 128 Pages


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Take a break from the daily grind.

The idea of a coffee break is enticing, isn’t it? Even if coffee isn’t your beverage of choice, you look forward to downtime, especially if it is spent with a friend who wants your company.

Jesus is such a friend. The Lord wants our company. He invites us to meet with Him in His Word. Just imagine what He has in store for us as we meet Him with our “cup”—our self—a vessel created and chosen by God, redeemed in Christ, and ready to be filled for His purpose.

Time spent in Bible study will fill you to the brim and beyond with God’s Good News. Sip, savor, and drink deeply from His Word. Receive the outpouring of His grace, His joy, and His peace!

For groups or individuals. Each of these seven sessions is designed to last approximately one hour. Included are engaging Bible study questions and answers, life-application questions, suggestions for fellowship activities, and seven coffee-themed recipes.


Praise for Sip, Savor, and Drink Deeply

“Deb Burma once again takes biblical truth and shares it with warmth, love, and a healthy dose of fun. This Bible study is great for both individual or group study and the perfect complement to a warm beverage and a quiet moment. Filled to the brim with promises from our Lord, this book provides more than just temporary comfort: it is steeped in the hope of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Readers of Burma’s newest study will be reminded of the overflowing cup of grace given to them by their loving God.”
—Lisa M. Clark, writer of Blessings and Prayers for Parents and fan of a good caramel macchiato 

Sip, Savor, and Drink Deeply is written in a way that seeks to meet the needs of many different kinds of learners. As an educator within the church, I see great value in the way Deb incorporates rich word pictures, deep discussion questions, hands on activities, and tasty recipes while guiding women on a journey to dig deeper into God’s Word and to savor the abundant gifts of God’s grace. While working through this Bible study, either individually or within a group setting, women will be met where they are, challenged to renew their minds with the truth found in God’s Word, and will most importantly grow in faith in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. So go ahead and take a sip—and savor God’s overflowing grace!”
—Stacey Holt, Director of Christian Education

“Anxious to dig into another one of Deb Burma’s books, I was surprised at all there is to do within each chapter. I was torn between wanting to linger in each chapter to savor its flavor or jump into the next chapter to gobble up more. This is a wonderful book, not only to fill your own cup with God’s Word but for the thoughtful questions Deb drizzles into each topic. Great for sharing in a group setting. There’s also a special Bible verse in each chapter to store God’s Word in your heart. Then, on top of that, each chapter provides an activity to share with others or to just reflect on the lesson learned. Now that’s not the end. I love trivia and each chapter taught me a little tidbit of coffee history or trivia. Finally, the recipes each chapter offers can be made for the group before they attend, thus creating another layer to this complex, yet, oh so tasty book. There is something for everyone in this book but mostly the words pointing to the amazing abundance of love God daily pours into our cups.”
—Shelley Moeller, LWML Vice President of Gospel Outreach 2013-2017

“I am delighted to recommend this latest study from Deb Burma, Sip, Savor, and Drink Deeply! Deb has a wonderful way of taking familiar coffee-shop imagery, connecting it to our daily lives, and pouring in the rich aroma and flavor of God’s Word to assure us of our redeemed identity in Christ and his abundant, gracious provision so that we can fully express the uniqueness with which he has made and gifted us. You will savor the richness of Scripture and the fullness of our hope in Christ. As an extra bonus of fun, you will learn a bit about coffee beverages and gain a few recipes too. This study is especially meant to be shared with a group and includes some great ideas for spreading the “aroma of Christ” through special gift and activity suggestions. Grab a cup, pull up a chair, and savor your time with Jesus alone and as you discuss with others. You’ll be blessed and recharged!”
—Diane Bahn, PLI Leadership Essentials Team and Coach

“Honesty, encouragement and Biblical truth drip from this study. Grounded in the realities of life yet abundant in the richness of scripture this study is perfect for a mom’s group or gathering of women. Each lesson includes questions for self-reflection and tangible experiences that point to the sweet truths found in the Word. Through rich coffee shop metaphors, Deb provides a space to dwell in God’s presence overflowing with grace and love.

You can picture, better yet taste the richness of God’s goodness poured out for you. Drink deep the love that Jesus has for you in this book. 

Time and time again you are reminded of the good gifts lavished on you through Jesus. Whether you are running on empty, filled full or someplace in the middle this study will speak words of truth and refreshment to your soul.”
—Sarah Greiner, PLI Communications Leader

“Deb Burma’s Sip, Savor, and Drink Deeply refreshed my thirsting soul. Deb’s writing is always down-to-earth, real and authentic. Her latest book is filled to the brim with rich, compelling imagery that immediately grabbed my imagination. The Spirit-led integration and application of Scripture provided me with fresh and powerful insights that are deeply impacting my faith walk. I can hardly wait to share this Bible study with the women at my church. Thank you, Deb, for once again investing yourself so deeply and following your calling to bless us in our growth as Christian women.”
—Lois Bartell Giordano Encourager, Mentor, Bible Study Leader, Writer, Educator, former Director of the Women’s Leadership Institute at Concordia University Wisconsin

“I was excited to grab a cup of my favorite warm beverage and turn the pages of my bible with Deb. This is no surface level study! Deb includes a wide variety of scripture texts, questions, and insights to dig deeper in every session. She cleverly includes fun and relational discussion, recipes, and optional group activities to build community and to weave reminders of God's Word into our lives and the days between study. Best of all, every page constantly turns us toward our Gracious Savior, who is our Overflowing Cup.”
—Heidi Goehmann, writer


About the Author

Deb Burma is a sought-after speaker for women’s conferences, retreats, and leadership workshops. She is the author of several Christian-living books, Bible studies, and devotionals, including Stepping Out, Living a Chocolate Life, and Beautiful Feet. Deb is a follower of Jesus, a wife, and a mom. She is a devoted coffee-mocha-latte-cappuccino drinker too.

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Sip, Savor, and Drink Deeply: Receive God's Overflowing Gifts

by Burma, Deb

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Ready to Fill 'er Up?

So enjoyed all the creative analogies used to compare coffee terms with our Christian Life in this study! The word pictures were easy to relate to and got the our thoughts percolating during our study discussions, but also helping us remember the concepts from week to week. Our Bible study group used this fun and deeply satisfying, scriptural study, as an excuse to meet in a different coffee shop every week. We worked through each chapter together on the spot. It was easy to make the connections from the Bible and apply them to our lives, with the author's easy to relate to, style. Also loved the extra ideas and recipes at the end, taking the study a step further as a way to share and apply. The layout of the study is put together so well, and consistent from week to week. Let this study fill your cup to overflowing with God's grace and assurances, as you grow in God's Word!

More than a Sip

Sip, Savor, and Drink Deeply is so well done. It has a perfect balance between Bible knowledge and life application. I appreciate how this Bible study relates to things that women experience in their everyday lives. Coffee interests a lot of women. But this study is more than a great read over a cup of coffee. Not only will women grow from it, but they will learn to apply it daily. That, in turn, will spill over into other areas of their lives and they will use it to share with another friend, neighbor, family member, co-worker, etc. They will be Living Lights in the lives of those whom God has placed near them. I appreciate searching Scripture, having information to think and ponder, and having Biblical characters like King David. King David is not just merely a great man of the Bible, but someone whom we can learn from so that we can see God’s love for us and know He will never leave us. Even when we daily sin, God is there to cover us with His grace and forgiveness through Christ. We can live in that Grace and forgiveness everyday. I highly recommend using this for personal study or in a group setting. You will be glad you did!

Karen Sue

Just like a good cup of coffee, this Bible study is energizing, and works well either individually or with a group. "Sip, Savor, and Drink Deeply" perfectly describes this meaningful Bible study. Using fun coffee analogies, Deb Burma masterfully digs into real life issues and examines how God address these allowing the reader to sip, savor, and drink deeply from His Word. Over and over, as I read this Bible study, God's Word powerfully touched my mind and refreshed my soul.

For beverage lovers of any kind!

As with all Deb’s books, I feel as though in this one, she is speaking directly to me, almost like we are sitting and having coffee together. She has a writing style that is very personable and creative. Her perspective is enlightening and she helps me discover things and to go and grow deeper in my walk with God! Well done!


This study touches the reader from page one. Deb Burma “blends” Scripture, heartfelt questions for discussion and contemplation, activities, and simple recipes to “brew” a wonderful Bible study. So grab your favorite cup and enjoy “filling up” with Jesus.

A Fun AND Meaningful Bible Study!

If you’re looking for a fun, yet meaningful Bible study, check out Deb Burma’s new book: Sip, Savor and Drink Deeply. This study refreshed my thirsty soul. Using coffee analogies and word pictures Deb explores God’s Word–especially the topics of God’s refreshing grace and how that grace fuels our everyday lives. Throughout the 7-week study, there are ample opportunities to drink deeply from God’s Word. And as we savor the Word, we receive His peace and joy. The book also includes personal stories, fun coffee facts, delicious recipes, and even some coffee-themed projects that would be especially fun for groups to complete together. The imagery in this study helps us grab onto concepts that free our souls and deepen our relationship with Christ. So grab a cup of your favorite cup of coffee or tea, settle into a comfy chair with Sip, Savor and Drink Deeply and refresh your soul through God’s Word. Better yet, invite a few friends to join you!

My cup overflows!

Deb Burma has a very special gift for making the reader feel like he or she is sitting just across the table having a cup of coffee and good conversation. This book will hit home with many as it discusses the importance of taking time to fill (and keep full) the most important cup-our own cup-by taking in the Lord's word. She guides the reader to relate His word to daily life in a practical and fun way. I love the fun surprises in the book along the way-recipes, coffee trivia, even craft ideas! You will love this book and if you have ever thought about a book-based Bible study, this would definitely be a great place to start!

Renew and refill your empty cup

This book has been a wonderful way to take time away to read, study and reflect on my life. We get so busy and easily distracted with the tasks of everyday life. Deb has such a dynamic way of placing you in the book and really leaves you feeling like you've just had coffee with a dear friend as you discuss and learn how to deepen your relationship with Christ. I really look forward to taking time to read, sip and savor the book as I refill my empty cup with God's word and my heart with His love, grace and forgiveness. Through this book and my time of study I have grown and know He mends my broken, stained and worn out cup. I highly recommend this book, vey easy to read, one you'll look forward to everyday!

Truly a savory treat

Deb's easy flowing style pulls you right in as though you are enjoying the company of a friend while you savor the topics, growing ever more close...what a friend we have in Jesus! Grab a cup of your favorite brew and dive in, you will find excellent top of mind tidbits to keep your focus dialed in throughout your day, and new nuggets to look forward to in each chapter.

Springboard into God's Word!

Thank you Deb for another great study into Gods word. For your next women's gathering enjoy a cup of coffee tea or hot chocolate and allow God to fill your cup! Deb shows creativity, recipes and advice on how to help us define our faith and "our faith relationship with God in Christ is a springboard to action". Excited to share this with others!

Showing 1 - 10 of 16 Customer Reviews
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