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The Messengers: Concealed

by Lisa M. Clark

Item #: 562527 / 2017 / Paperback / 317 Pages

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The Message worth dying for. . .

As soon as Simon discovered the Messengers, he set out to bring the truth they preserve to light. But the government calls this rogue organization the Darkness and is determined to do whatever it takes to conceal, even eliminate, everything the Messengers know.

Coping with consequences and clouded with conflict, Simon tries to navigate the perilous city of Westbend and his life as an outcast. Simon needs the Messengers now more than ever, because lurking in the shadows is an ever-present threat that drives the resistance deeper underground.

There’s a truth out there that is being concealed. Join Simon and the Messengers as they risk their lives to protect it.

Book two of The Messengers series. 

Praise for Concealed

“Lisa Clark's continued tale of faith under persecution is at once timely and timeless, driving Simon Clay and the rest of us to a fuller understanding of the Apostle Paul's confession about life on this earth: ‘To live is Christ; to die is gain.’”
—Katie Schuermann, author and musician

“In Concealed, Clark gives us the safety of a well-told story in which to explore our own vows to suffer all rather than fall away from the faith.  As we dodge, crawl, question, ache, sing, and pray alongside the fictional Messengers their words and actions point us to the source of comfort and safety than transcends the borders of New Morgan - a Savior who has joined himself to our real, broken world - Jesus Christ.”
—Christina Roberts, Kantor, Our Savior Lutheran Church, Grand Rapids, Michigan

“It was with great anticipation that I read Lisa M. Clark’s second book in the Messengers series. In Discovered I had been introduced to Simon Clay and the Messengers, and their stories drew me into a world where the value of the Word is far greater than what I give it in my everyday life. It was a compelling – and convicting – book. In Concealed, Simon’s journey continues as he learns more about the Truth he so boldly shared, and begins to realize the consequences of his boldness. Those consequences bring the greatest challenge he has yet to face. Forgiveness.”
—Eden Keefe, Vice President of Christian Life 2013-2017, Lutheran Women’s Missionary League

“Anticipation abounds as we join Simon and the Messengers on their next missions. As the ever-present government dangers lurk closer, how far will they go and how much will they risk to spread the Message? Clark’s second installment in the Messenger series continues drawing deep, eloquent connections between the historic Christian church and the modern life of believers. Encouraged and resolved in their own faith, readers ponder: What is there to lose? What is there to gain? YA and adult readers alike will delight in the risks and suspense as Simon twists and turns through both alleys and the maze of his own teenage years. An excellent continuation of a series that should be on everyone’s shelf!”
—Elisabeth Tessone, Librarian, University of Central Missouri 

“Simon Clay’s faith in Christ is dangerous. Ironically, the government has been saying that all along, and they’ll kill you to show you how seriously they mean it. Fresh off a very public confession of his faith following on the heels of his own recklessness, Lisa Clark’s Concealed adjoins the reader to Simon’s struggle with the faith that puts those whom he loves in great danger. Concealed is a worthy continuation of The Messengers series and a welcome release for all those who have joined The Darkness.”
—Timothy Koch, Pastor, Concordia and Immanuel Lutheran Churches of Cresbard and Wecota, South Dakota. Reviewer at ( 

“If you loved The Messengers: Discovered you won't be disappointed! Lisa Clark uses plot twists that give you new theories, confirm some you might have had, and change your ideas about the characters. I couldn't stop reading it because of the cliff hangers and finished it in less than a day. It has even more action and excitement than the first book and I can't wait for the third!”
—Simeon Roberts, 7th grader, Our Savior Lutheran School, Grand Rapids, Michigan

“Lisa Clark's latest edition to the Messengers series leaves us with the reality of the darker side of life and the questions that come out of facing this hard truth. It is a challenging but hope-filled reminder of what we are left with when all else in life is stripped away. Clark deals expertly with the questions of Who God is and where He can be found in the light and the dark. Simon's story challenges us with questions of what is really worth it in life. What is worth our pain, what is worth our time, what is worth our energy, what is worth our tears, and what is worth our love? Clark's rich use of adjectives captures the light and dark of everyday, of friendship, and of the unquenchable Hope offered in a Savior who loves us through not only the triumphs, but the struggles as well.”
—Deaconess Heidi Goehmann, writer, blogger, and speaker at I Love My Shepherd Ministries

“Lisa Clark's The Messengers Series is a dystopian middle-grade novel that pits the faithful and unlucky disciples of a long-forbidden gospel against those that would silence it forever. Plucky Simon, our hero, is still recovering from The Arena, where in the first book he stood up for his faith at the cost of his safety. The second book finds him both  navigating a world of betrayal - where friends aren't always what they seem - and his first love interest, a very welcome addition to the series. While the first book delivered high on the action front, Concealed falls more into the cloak-and-dagger genre, with Simon dodging a shadowy government that has infiltrated every facet of his life. Clark's strengths shine in that way that she lays out complex pillars of faith in a way that makes it easy for teens to understand the Bible. Simon and his close band of friends are noble characters for readers to root for, but are still flawed enough to be believable, and their dialog reflects their always transforming faith. Overall, fans of this series will not be disappointed; Concealed delivers its theology with grace and it's story with teeth.  In this current day, where the future seems particularly nightmarish, Concealed is brimming with a much needed hope; a hope in things unseen.”
—Colleen Oakes, Author of the best-selling Queen of Hearts Saga

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The Messengers: Concealed

by Lisa M. Clark

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A must-read for youth and adults alike!

Lisa's second book in The Messengers series ups the ante for Simon and his friends and asks some important, life-changing questions: How do you balance honesty and safety? When does what you have to gain trump what you have to lose? How do you forgive the unforgivable? What does it mean to be a Christ-follower in a world that denies Him? This latest installment in Lisa's gripping YA series challenges youth to examine their faith-really examine it, and to answer these hard-hitting questions for themselves. A must-read for youth and adults alike, who enjoy a suspenseful story coupled with a thought-provoking message!

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In the second book in The Messengers series, Simon finds himself back in his "normal" life. But how can anything be normal now? Clark takes us through the next phase of Simon's journey as he grows in his faith, learning that there is a time for everything. Besides the tyranny of New Morgan, Simon's joys and struggles are much like those of anyone living out their faith in a fallen world. He finds joy in sharing his faith with those who have not heard the Message and comfort in the fellowship of the saints. He struggles with forgiving those who sin against him and with the pain of suffering. While I very much enjoyed the suspense of the first novel, Clark's second novel pushes her reader to consider deeply "What is there to lose?" making it my favorite of the two.

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I recently finished reading Lisa Clark's The Messengers: Concealed and was enthralled by the series continuation. Lisa expresses the importance of a community of believers in the life of a Christian. Characters use their gifts, from artistic talents and medical experience to providing encouragement and sharing God's word, in order to build the hidden corner of the Kingdom in New Morgan. Even though the community is fictitious, The Messengers: Concealed clearly illustrates how one can be a blessing to others and the value of forgiveness. Having finished the book, I look forward to reading it again with some of the mysteries now unlocked. I pray this book is a blessing to my fellow readers!

2 people found this comment helpful, 0 did not

The second book of The Messengers is great! You will shed a few tears as you mourn with the characters. You will be on the edge of your seat as you read the action-packed events that unfold. If you haven't read the first book, do it now because you won't want to miss this one! Don't be afraid to take a risk when sharing the Truth.

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If you've read The Messengers: Discovered - this is a must read!

The second book in the Messengers is another great read! It took me a while to reconnect with Simon and the other characters, but once I did I couldn't stop reading! What fun to see the characters grow and mature as they faced the challenges and plot twists thrown at them. The message of forgiveness permeates throughout the book in a real-life way - no shying away from how hard it can be. My only complaint is that the book ends! Already thinking about what could happen next.

0 people found this comment helpful, 1 did not
Excellent Christian Fiction Work Applying the Faith

“How does she do it,” kept rolling through my mind while reading The Messengers: Concealed, author Lisa M. Clark’s second book in The Messengers Series from Concordia Publishing House. Lisa’s gift for writing an engaging work of fiction and applying the Christian faith throughout the story is absolutely genius. As Lutherans we ask, “What does this mean?” Lisa beautifully articulates the application of the faith in times of persecution, trial, moments of despair, uncertainty, and also in moments where the characters rejoice. While written for a youth audience, I would encourage anyone in middle school, through adulthood to read this book. It’s an exemplary work of Christian fiction to help us understand how Christ works in our lives. “People aren’t the enemy, Simon. They’re the prize.” Thank you, Lisa, for yet another church treasure helping us to understand and share the love of Christ.

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