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The Story People

by Heather Kaufman

Item #: 124499 / 2016 / Paperback / 368 Pages


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When Ben Palermo inherits his uncle’s bookstore, he has a secure career and a built-in home, but he doesn’t have contentment. As Ben looks ahead to the next chapter of his life, some well-meaning customers scheme to keep him in town by finding him a proper wife—on their terms.

The moment author and illustrator Rosemary Berg walks into his store, Ben is captivated. And she is overwhelmed by his disarming charm and eerie familiarity—but can she trust him? Or should she turn instead to an old friend who is finally ready to claim her heart?

The Story People is a celebration of stories and the bond they form when shared and loved. It’s about having the courage to live your own story well as you give your life over to God, the author and perfecter of our faith.

Praise for The Story People

“[A] winsome main narrative . . . full of misunderstandings, high jinks, and lonely people who find one another despite the many obstacles that stand in the way.”

—Publishers Weekly


“Part comedy, part fairy tale, and part romance . . . a reminder that we each of us has our own story to tell.”

—Cynthia A. Graham, author of Beneath Still Waters, Behind Every Door, and Beulah’s House of Prayer


“Heather Kaufman’s debut book, The Story People, is full of fascinating characters whose voices you can hear in your mind. In fact, if I were walking down the street and passed Mrs. Gardner, I’d know her right away! The story sweeps you away to a land between reality and the imagination, perfectly mingling Kaufman’s superb storytelling skills with a strong message of encouragement for Christian life. I would recommend this book for anyone.”

—Sarah Baughman, author of the Regency Silhouettes series, deaconess, wife, and mom of four

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   The Story People (ebook Edition)

Customer Reviews

The Story People

by Heather Kaufman

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Paul E
Recommended By My Wife

I initially started the book as, "I need another book!" I gave in to it and found that my wife had had good reason to enjoy it!

A Sweet Love Story for Book Lovers.

I've been a lover of books since childhood and this book tickled my fancy... it brought back fond memories while having the adult love story and the theology that I enjoy so much.

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The Power of Sharing Stories

The Story People is an enchanting tale of the power of sharing stories with each other. Seamlessly weaving between past and present, we enter the world of Palermo's Books. Each character is relatable in his or her own way: those who struggle with loneliness, vocation, being misunderstood, and the well-meant efforts of the town busybodies. Readers are entertained with misunderstandings, well-intentioned setups, and the camaraderie of small town life, all encompassed by God's grace and forgiveness. Kaufman's novel brings us back to the wonder of our own childhoods, finding companionship in books and the tales they mirrored in our own lives. Readers will enjoy a sweet, funny story with a healthy dose of solid theology that proclaims a timeless truth: when we reach out and share our stories with others, we realize we are never truly alone. Highly recommended!

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Beautiful Love Story!

The characters were beautifully intertwined, with love and forgiveness shown. The character development was remarkable and I can't wait for the sequel.

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One of the best love stories I've read. Ever.

I expected this book to be a love story between a man and a woman. It was—and more. I expected it to be a love story between God ad His people. It was—and more. I hoped it would be a love story about brothers and sisters in Christ caring for one another. It was—and more. I should have known it would also be a love story between people and books. It was—and more. Heather Kaufman lovingly crafts her words to paint a charming portrait of a small town and the love the people of New Holden have for one another. Even more, she carefully fashions the narrative and voice in unique ways to add to one of her main points of the book. “Everyone, famous or not, is telling a story with their lives. There’s something powerful about sharing in another’s story” (p. 40). I’m not always a fan of “love stories” because they are so often trite, simplistic, and narrowly focused on only the two main characters. Kaufman avoids these pitfalls and provides something rich, real, and satisfying. For those reasons and more, The Story People is and will remain one of my favorite stories about love.

1 people found this comment helpful, 0 did not

I greatly enjoyed this book! The characters were relatable and I liked the storyline, even if it was a little frustrating due to misunderstandings between characters. I was a little disappointed that there wasn't more theology incorporated into the story. Overall, this is a must read!


I had a wonderful time reading the Story People. It is a very sweet story, with characters who are very real in that they have past hurts that they carry with them. For me, a story is much more believable when the difficulties that someone has faced are shown to impact the present. Divorce and death are very real for these characters, and yet they manage to find hope. Knowing that the characters had faced serious hardships in the past made the ending that much sweeter! The back story about the imaginary Story People, creatures who eat stories, was fun because it reminded me of being a child and finding cozy places to hide out and make up games. It’s so nice to read enjoyable, well-written fiction that comes from a Christian world view!

When Fiction and Truth Collide

If there is one thing I love about a good Christian novel, it is when reading about the life of a fictional character brings much-needed truth into my own life. That definitely happened while reading this novel. Heather Kaufman has managed to create such a vivid cast of characters that it is easy to get drawn into the quaint little town of New Holden and feel like you are a part of the community. Through the stories of each individual, she gives readers a chance to think through things from loneliness and the search for fellowship to vocation and how to figure out where you are meant to be. The author manages to weave in just enough theology and scripture to provide value without detracting from the flow of the story. This book is full of lighthearted humor, along with a good dose of sweet romance. It captures the whimsy of childhood imagination, while also dealing with the struggle of leaving that world of wonder for one of responsibility. Which begs the question... is a little imagination and wonder what all of us need in the midst of our adult lives? I think this story reminds us of not only the power of an authentic story, but also the importance of being willing to both listen and share as our lives are ever being woven together by the Author of all creation. This is such a charming book, and I hope to see another novel from Kaufman in the near future! [I received an advanced copy of this novel in exchange for my honest review.]

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