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Man Up!: The Quest for Masculinity


Item #: 124489kin / 2016 / ebook / 224 Pages

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What does it mean to be a man? Sacrifice.

Man Up! 
doesn't tell you to take down the feminists or reclaim your God-given role and rights. Real masculinity starts with giving of yourself for the good of those around you and in your care. It's counter-cultural—and it's exactly how God designed biblical manhood.

This book is a call to fix your eyes and your hope on the Man up on the cross and to find in His selfless sacrifice the perfect example for manliness in our self-indulgent, self-centered society. That's where Man Up! really stands out in the crowd. Don't pick up these pages expecting to find an ideal man you should strive to be. This book is anchored in a different ideal. In the person of Jesus Christ, God became man. What Adam lost in his rebellion, Jesus restored in His Incarnation. Jesus is the perfect man. His example sets the paradigm for perfect masculinity. But more importantly, His sacrifice obtains forgiveness and mercy for the rest of us men who are bound to fail in this God-given task to be good men.

Men in all stages of life will appreciate this refreshing perspective—whether you're searching for footing in this crazy culture, seeking a godly relationship with your wife, or looking for guidance on raising children.



Man Up! is for any man who is searching for the meaning in his life.  Too many men live a life of quiet desperation and don't have the tools and resources to live life to the fullest.  Jeff Hemmer does a fantastic job of giving a clear map and guidelines to live a fulfilled life through God.”
—Larry Hagner, Founder of the Good Dad Project and Author of The Dad's Edge

Man Up! is a challenging read, certainly not for the faint of heart who like to be told that the "easy" way and the "good" way are always the same thing. Hemmer's work will confront you, rebuke you, forgive you and inspire you to think twice and then think again about what it means to be a man in our current disphoric climate.
—Rev. Jonathan Fisk, KFUO Radio

“Reading this book will drive the wimp right out of you.”
—Pastor Alan Buss

“Many have loudly sounded the warning bell about the corrosive impact of radical feminization in eroding our culture, and the dire consequences it has had on our youth and their development, especially our young men. Few have offered a clear prescription that is equal to the diagnosis.  Until now.  Finally a popularly styled, yet Christocentric and catechetically focused, book to help men to be. . . well. . . men.”
—Rev. Marcus Zill, Director of Campus Ministry & LCMS U

“Most Christian writers on the theme of manhood lean away from scripture. They are not sure how to reconcile a meek, crucified God with a vision for valiant  manhood. Jeffrey Hemmer moves toward scripture and we should be glad he does. He reattaches righteous manhood to our historic faith without apology and sets us free in the process. Thank God.”
—Stephen Mansfield, New York Times best-selling author

“In Man Up!, Pastor Hemmer robustly affirms the male/female differences created by God with important intention. If books could grow beards, this one totally would. And it would be glorious.”
—Rose Adle

Man Up! is the book for anyone hesitant to hang himself with all the rope the zeitgeist has to offer.”
—Rebekah Curtis

About the Author

Jeffrey Hemmer is the husband of (in his opinion) the most wonderful woman in the world, the father to the five most delightful children he's ever met, the pastor of Bethany Evangelical Lutheran Church in Fairview Heights, Illinois, a wannabe farmer, maker of some things, fixer of some other things, grower of beards, and general curmudgeon. His big truck is probably a sign of his insecurity.

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   Man Up!: The Quest for Masculinity

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Man Up!: The Quest for Masculinity (ebook Edition)

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