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LadyLike: Living Biblically

by Rebekah Curtis and Rose Adle ;  Adle, Rose

Item #: 124445 / 2015 / Paperback / 224 Pages


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In a society where conversations about gender have too often become stale and predictable, LadyLike: Living Biblically reimagines what it means to be a Christian woman in our feminized secular society.

Radically retro, freshly old-fashioned, and powerfully submissive, Rosie Adle and Rebekah Curtis, two playful and mischievous sisters, challenge us to rethink everything we thought we knew about men and women. Like a jolt of espresso, or a polar bear plunge, their writing enlivens the senses, helping us to see the world, as it were, for the first time.

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Praise for Ladylike

"In this well-written book, Rose and Rebekah challenge women with clever, yet honest truths served up with a 'delicious gulp of Gospel.' Their striking insights and crisp language encourage us to see our lives in new ways. You will be blessed!"
—Renee Gibbs, Women’s Retreat and Bible Study Leader, Concordia Seminary

“I guarantee you will not be able to put this book down. Sisters Rosie and Rebekah write in a style crystal clear and magically engaging, all the while gleefully butchering sacred cultural cows, and serving up a feast of rich meaty delights for anyone, especially any Christian woman, who has found herself wresting with what it means to be a child of God in today’s world. You’re gonna loves this book, even as its wit and brainy argumentation stretch you to new limits of genuine Christian faith, love and piety.”
—Rev. Dr. Matthew C. Harrison, President, The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod

“Adle and Curtis don't pull any punches in their dash to ride the counter cultural wave of Biblical Truth about womanhood as Christ designed and redeemed her. With a healthy dose of sardonic wit, spiced with the right dash of caregiving reserve, their work is a breath of fresh air in a world of women caught up in the maelstrom of not being "good enough" unless they try to be men.”
—Rev. Jonathan Fisk, Pastor, Host of Worldview Everlasting, and Author of Broken: 7 "Christian" Rules That Every Christian Ought to Break as Often as Possible

“LadyLike strips away all flowery cross-stitch stereotypes while  exposing the burlap of what it means to be a Christian woman in 21st century society. Adle and Curtis hold nothing back as they take an uppercut at the lies of our modern era, simultaneously weaving in the delicate ribbons of mercy found in Christ's timeless Truth. These essays are at once strong and sassy, while maintaining the graceful art of what it means to be a woman in Christ. They contain the healing balm of Christ and Him crucified that is vital for staying the course on the lonely road of being a Christian woman, Christian mother, and Christian wife in today's world; a balm so soothing that the reader is left wanting more.”
—Meridith Fisk, Wife, Mother, and Homemaker

“One of the best 'hear and do' pieces I’ve read, out of hundreds. Rosie and Becky are freedom fighters and, in the sacred sense, burden bearers of women’s issues!  Lost your voice amidst the chaos of twenty-first century womanhood?  Find it here. Not to scream or demand, but to follow Christ into contentment, fulfillment, and with gusto resist the pull of lesser gods. This book is impossible to put it down!”
—Phyllis Wallace, Author, Speaker, Broadcaster

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Customer Reviews

LadyLike: Living Biblically

by Rebekah Curtis and Rose Adle

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A refreshing look at gender roles

Funny, but honest and sincere. This book challenges what we as women have been taught by society about living Biblically. At times heartwarming, at times stepping on our society-softened toes, this book really dives into what it means to live a LadyLike Christian life- both the good and bad of it. Chapters are short and sweet but really get to the heart of the matter. Easy to read (but full of meat to digest): a few at a time, pick and choose, or cover-to-cover (like me).

Both challenging and encouraging! A must read!

Written with passion and purpose, these essays both challenge and encourage women to live out their purpose as God's female children. As a collection of writings, this volume is powerful in its entirety while also very readable as individual pieces of prose. Read my full review at: *Disclosure: I was provided with a free copy of this book so that I could read it and offer my honest and unbiased review. I may have jumped for joy when I received it, though, because it had already been on my "to read" list for quite a while, and my thoughts in this review are entirely my own!

A gut-punch and a hug

Oh man, this book got me right in the pride. I love the conversational, frank, thoughtful, and educated writing style. I never once felt like I had to skip over the "fluffy" stuff to get to the real meat-and-potatoes information. The chapters are well broken up by point and I constantly found myself saying "just one more, then I'll put it down." After reading it myself I loaned the copy to a friend and am now buying one for my best friend and my mother. Growing up on the west coast, I had great expectations of what life would be like. This book addressed them all and more, giving me a clearer view of the modern fairy tales I had in my head. It can be heart breaking, but the story they point everything to (Christ's love for us, of course!) is so much better than any lie the modern woman is fed. I'm going to make my husband read it next. Please, CPH, more like this!

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Good, Right, and Salutary!

The second I started reading this book, I could tell that the authors care about me, my womanhood, and my valued place in the family of Christ. Their writing - so much like the familiar, witty banter of a wiser, older sister - put a supportive arm around my shoulder and walked me through sound, Biblical responses to controversial issues as old as the Garden of Eden. But watch out! Like any sister worth her salt, this book will call out the holes in a girl's woman-britches, but it will also provide the thread and needle (God's Word) with which to mend them. An excellent, worthy read!

Something For Everyone

Nobody likes getting their buttons pushed. It makes us squirmy, upset, and maybe even angry. "LadyLike: Living Biblically" has some squirms to offer. For the more delicate among us, you may want to skip over the “Looking at Nowadays” section to begin with and start with the “Not Too Fancy” or “It’s Very Personal” sections. Regardless of whether, like me, you read the book from front to back, read headed sections out of order, or pick and choose essays by title from the table of contents, be prepared to consider what these ladies have to say, have your toes stepped on once or twice, nod in agreement, and maybe even be led to tears. Rebekah and Rose affirm traditional gender roles. How this plays out in your individual home is not prescribed, but they do logically point out that it makes sense for you to do the work that you generate. We parents teach our children that if they make a mess they should clean it up. Does it not then make sense that if we make a mess or procreate that we should take care of our own work to do? This is not to say that all people should do the same things; that those with means should not employ people to clean, cook, or babysit for them; but that women should examine their motives for making their decisions. Are we feeling guilty for staying home to care for our family? Are we feeling useless because we aren’t out there doing what society has told us we should do to make a real difference in the world? Time to think about vocation and what being a mother is all about. I would have liked to have read some essays that were a little more personal. My favorites are The Family of God, Hey Mister Pastor Man (the best argument against female pastors I’ve ever read), Being Special is Special!, Dear Sisters, Whac-a-Mole, and What is God Trying to Tell You? I do believe that if people give the book a chance (everyone should probably start and end their reading of this book with Being Special is Special!, especially if you are going to be purposely looking for the book to offend you) that there is something in "LadyLike" for everyone.

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