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Concordia Psalter

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Concordia Psalter

Item #: 124447 / 2015 / LayFlat / 353 Pages


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Concordia Psalter is a modern psalter that presents the Bible’s ancient hymns for recitation and singing, engaging Christians in singing the psalmody of the Church. As the Church’s hymnbook, singing and reciting Psalms has been part of the devotional life of Christians since the beginning of the Church. There have been Psalters in English since the Coverdale translation of Psalms was first introduced in the Book of Common Prayer’s 1662 revision.

Mirroring the Lutheran Service Book, this new Psalter uses modern English and more contemporary musical settings. Learning and memorizing the Psalms is easier when you use the same translation and settings in your daily devotions and during Sunday worship. Each psalm has been pointed (all verses/phrases are assigned to a simple melody) and psalm tones are provided for easy reference. Short prayers accompany each psalm to aid in your meditation time.

“The theology of the Reformation is filled with the language of the psalms. This was no accident. As a friar, Luther sang and prayed the entire psalter often. The Psalms are meant for singing in public and private personal worship. Presenting the ESV psalter with new and well-known Lutheran Service Book psalm tones and concluding psalm prayers, the Concordia Psalter is an ideal resource for praying and singing the church's first hymnal. After all, it is true that “he who sings prays twice.” Our Lord Jesus knew the psalms well. He still prays for His church. Recover regular use of the psalter in your own prayer life with Concordia Psalter.”
—Rev. Paul J Cain, Pastor of Immanuel Lutheran Church, Sheridan, Wyoming; Editor of Liturgy, Hymnody, and Pulpit Quarterly Book Review

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Concordia Psalter

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God's Songbook, Prayer Book, and Daily Devotional

I am wanting to read more and more from the Book of Psalms. While all of the Bible is God’s Word and is profitable for teaching, instruction, correction, and training in righteousness, there is an accessibility to the Psalms that is unsurpassed. Whether a person is reading one psalm a day or more, that book of the Bible provides lots of direction, consolation, and encouragement. On the one hand, there is the range of emotions and reactions of the psalmists, David and others. These verses range from exuberant joy in serving God to severe depression, fear, and questioning. Unlike the tendency toward the sentimental and syrupy in all too many modern songs and sentiments, the psalms are fresh, bold, manly, confrontational. They have more the feel of Aslan than a kitty cat; they are filled with roaring, not purring. The Psalms are also a prayer book. We all fall into mindless repetition or self-centered want lists in our prayers. On the one hand, God hears our stumbling prayers and the Holy Spirit corrects our spiritually mangled grammar. On the other hand, we need to pray more Biblically. The psalms are for praying. When the enemies assailing the godly in the psalms don’t sound like the particular battles we are facing, we need to realize that often the psalms are prophetically describing what Jesus actually experienced. The Book of Psalms in our Bibles may be several hundred pages away from the bitter details of Christ’s sufferings and death on the cross, but the experiences of the psalms are depictions of what Jesus endured on our behalf. The Psalms are a song book. For some churches and for many years, hymnals were Psalms recast into meter and music. We tend to have a few songs in our hymn repertoires that emerge from the Psalms. But why do we not have 150 plus songs echoing the Psalms? Near the end of last year, I received the Concordia Psalter from Concordia Publishing House. The picture doesn’t do this beautiful little volume justice. I am Presbyterian and am not a Lutheran in the specifics of my theology or worship. But I love and have profited greatly from the books and materials from Concordia. The Concordia Psalter is a gem. It is a beautiful, handy, leather-type Psalter. Each psalm is preceded by a few bars of music. The idea is to be able to chant the Psalms. We don’t generally quote Johnny Cash songs or Christmas carols; rather, we sing them. Likewise, we need to sing the Psalms. It would help us memorize the contents and internalize the words. There are also brief prayers at the end of each psalm, compiled by the Reverend F. Kuegele. As part of my morning devotions, I was reading one or two psalms a day along with these heart-searching prayers. This book is perfect for mornings, evenings, family devotions, and other times we can carve out for hearing God’s Word. The book is just perfect for taking on a trip. It would also make a great gift. Highly recommended.

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generally good

The basic idea and arrangement is most welcome. However the prayers would be better if in more ordinary contemporary language and reflect more closely the focus of each psalm as related to present day life. I also agree with Jared that the book should lie flat. For private devotions that is most helpful.

Great Resource

I love the psalter and listen to recordings from it and sing from it everyday. This is a great new addition to a long line of psalter translations designed to be sung and not just read and recited. I consider it a valuable addition to my collection of psalters. With that said, I have one criticism and one request. First, the criticism. I'd like to see an edition that easily lays flat when opened, as I generally like to have my psalter lying in front of me during devotions. The book does not do so readily. Second, I would love to see and would definitely buy a collection of recordings of the Concordia Psalter being chanted acapella by a choir. That would be an invaluable resource to those of us who would like to learn to chant from the Concordia Psalter. Until then, I would really appreciate a collection of the tunes available for this fine publication.

Christ in the Psalms

The pleasant feel of the pseudo-suede cover, the cream-colored paper, and the easy-to-read font make this Psalter a joy to hold and behold! Musical notations precede each psalm as translated in the English Standard Version (ESV) of the Bible with a prayer not only to close the reading but to point to Christ. As the Preface says, "The Old Testament Psalms" or Hebrew Scriptures "not only permit us to see Christ in them, but they also require it. Resurrection, eternity, a universal kingdom, forgiveness, even grace and blessing – each ultimately has its home and its fulfillment in Jesus Christ." Although a Lutheran press published this book and kindly provided my review copy, the "Concordia Psalter intends to engage all Christians in singing the psalmody of the Church." Only a genuine leather cover that allows the book to lay flat might make this highly recommended book even better.

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Excellent with a few quibbles

The content and layout of this Psalter is wonderful and fills a need with respect to daily prayer, pastoral care resource, and the promotion of singing/praying the Psalms. Book and font size, weight of paper, and quality of printing are all splendid. However, it is definitely not a "lay flat" book out of the box. To be honest, I was disappointed at how stiff it was. I couldn't get it to lay flat from any page. Perhaps my copy is not indicative, but even after some breaking in, it will be some time before it really does lay flat. The other small critique I have is with the sewn-in page-marker. The ribbon is too coarse and ribbed; it grabs at the paper more than say a silk ribbon. One last request would be a genuine leather edition. For something that will be used daily by many, real leather (as opposed to whatever synthetic they used) would stand the test of time, and probably help on the lay flat issue. This would be a 5 star rating if the book would actually lay flat as advertised.

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