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Center Stage Old and New Testament Bible Story Skits 2-CD Pack

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Who is this product for?
This product is great not only for teachers with a flair for theater but also in general anyone involved in children’s ministry. This resource is perfect for elementary students and older children who love performing skits and learning about Biblical stories.

What does this provide for you?
• Over 50 Bible story skits.
• Instructions for props, costumes, and backgrounds that add depth and interest to a production.
• Downloadable scripts and directions on a CD-ROM
• Realistic, colorful Bible times projectable backdrops.
• Easy to follow instructions.

What is it?
Center Stage is a two disk CD containing over 100 Bible story skits with colorful, realistic Bible times projectable backdrops and easy to follow instructions for creating props and costumes. One CD contains Old Testament Bible stories and another contains New Testament Bible stories. This unique resource is an all-in-one, easy to use set that allows you to easily integrate drama into classroom, education, or worship settings.
What skits does this set contain?
Old Testament
1. God Creates the World
2. God Creates Adam and Eve
3. Sin Enters the World
4. Cain and Abel
5. Noah and the Flood
6. God Calls Abram
7. Abram Rescues Lot
8. God’s Covenant with Abram
9. Abraham’s Visitors from Heaven
10. Abraham and Isaac
11. Isaac and Rebekah
12. Jacob and Esau
13. Jacob’s Dream
14. Jacob’s Family
15. Esau Forgives Jacob
16. Joseph and His Brothers
17. Joseph’s Troubles
18. Joseph Feeds Egypt
19. Joseph Forgives
20. The Birth of Moses
21. Moses and the Burning Bush
22. Moses and the Plagues
23. The Passover
24. Crossing the Red Sea
25. God Provides Manna, Water, and Quail
26. The Ten Commandments
27. The Twelve Spies in Canaan
28. The Bronze Serpent
29. Entering the Promised Land
30. The Fall of Jericho
31. Deborah
32. Gideon
33. Samson
34. Ruth
35. God’s Servant Samuel
36. Saul Becomes King
37. David and Goliath
38. David and Jonathan
39. David Becomes King
40. Nathan Rebukes David
41. The Wisdom of Solomon
42. God Provides for Elijah
43. Elijah and the Prophets of Baal
44. Elijah Is Taken to Heaven
45. Naaman and Elisha
46. Jonah
47. Hezekiah Prays
48. The Three Men in the Fiery Furnace
49. Daniel in the Lions’ Den
50. Esther
New Testament
1. The Birth of John Foretold
2. The Birth of Jesus Foretold/Mary Visits Elizabeth
3. The Birth of John
4. An Angel Visits Joseph
5. Jesus Is Born
6. The Presentation of Jesus
7. The Visit of the Wise Men
8. The Boy Jesus in the Temple
9. John Prepares the Way/The Baptism of Jesus
10. The Temptation of Jesus
11. Jesus Calls Philip and Nathanael
12. Jesus Changes Water into Wine
13. Jesus Clears the Temple
14. Jesus Teaches Nicodemus
15. Jesus and the Samaritan Woman
16. Jesus Calls the First Disciples
17. Jesus Calms a Storm
18. Jesus Heals a Man Who Is Paralyzed
19. Jesus Heals Jairus’s Daughter
20. Jesus Is Anointed
21. Jesus Walks on Water
22. The Transfiguration
23. Jesus Heals a Man Born Blind
24. Jesus Raises Lazarus
25. Jesus Feeds Five Thousand
26. Jesus Seeks the Lost, part 1
27. Jesus Seeks the Lost, part 2
28. Jesus Heals Ten Men with Leprosy
29. Jesus and the Little Children
30. Jesus and Zacchaeus
31. The Widow’s Mite
32. The Triumphal Entry
33. Jesus Washes His Disciples’ Feet
34. The Lord’s Supper
35. Jesus Is Arrested/Peter Denies Jesus
36. Jesus Is Crucified
37. Jesus Rises Again
38. Jesus Appears on the Emmaus Road
39. Jesus Appears to Thomas
40. A Miraculous Catch of Fish
41. Jesus Ascends into Heaven
42. God Sends the Holy Spirit
43. Peter and John Heal the Lame Man
44. God’s Servant Stephen
45. Philip and the Ethiopian
46. The Conversion of Paul
47. Peter Heals Tabitha (Dorcas)
48. Peter’s Escape from Prison
49. Lydia
50. Paul and Silas in Prison

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Center Stage: Bible Story Skits & Backgrounds Volume 1 - Old Testament
Availability:  In Stock

Center Stage: Bible Story Skits & Backgrounds Volume 2 - New Testament
Availability:  In Stock

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Center Stage Old and New Testament Bible Story Skits 2-CD Pack

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