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The Lutheran Study Bible - Compact DuoTone Brown

by Concordia Publishing House

Item #: 012095 / 2012 / Specialty / 2496 Pages

Availability: We no longer carry this product.

Grow deeper in your understanding of God’s Word with comprehensive notes, prayers, and a reading plan to guide you in your daily devotions.

The Lutheran Study Bible is the first Bible in English to be developed with notes that are distinctively Lutheran. Notes were prepared by theologians and pastors from more than twenty Lutheran church bodies. Current scholarship, insights from Church Fathers, and rich devotional commentary help both new and mature Christians learn about God’s Word.


  • English Standard Version translation
  • Study notes and prayers for every part of the Bible
  • Two-year Bible reading plan
  • Luther’s Small Catechism
  • One-year and three-year lectionaries
  • Articles and introductions to biblical books and topics
  • Maps, cross-references, and a concordance
  • Words of Christ in red

The compact edition features the same content as the regular edition but in a smaller size, so it’s easier to pack or carry wherever you go. It is approximately 5.5" x 7.5" x 1.75" and uses 6-point font. Weighs 2.3 lbs.

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Young Adult - Adult
We no longer carry this product.

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The Lutheran Study Bible - Compact DuoTone Brown

by Concordia Publishing House

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Improved Quality

I have used another version of the compact LSB for a number of years. The cover was beginning to wear out so I decided to order this one. The quality is much improved! The cover is very nice and the page quality is better. The print is also darker than the previous version I had so it makes it easier to read the smaller print. Thank you for a very nice product!

Perfectly SIZED, best Study Bible!

The font is the right size, especially if you want a compact version. I'm mostly writing this in response to an earlier review, which stressed the font should be 8 or 9 for this compact Bible. But that's the same font size for the full-sized TLSB; therefore that review would be asking for a Bible that's 150% larger, and definitely would no longer be compact. If they want a font sized 9, thankfully, one can buy one. If one wants a sized 8, it would be only 10% smaller than a full-sized one. Note that this is the same number of pages and same formatting of the full sized Bible. Something would have to give, either be thicker, taller, or wider, maybe a combination; which would need the pages to be reformatted. I like the pages matching between all my Bibles and my whole family. :) I would suggest to get a small tablet, like a Kindle 7 or 8, that you can re-size the text as big as you like. I own this for my Amazon Kindle format and also in the Logos book. It's beneficial in every version I own. The TLSB on Amazon Kindle version is the most hyperlinked Kindle book I have. Great navigation and best for just reading straight through. The TLSB on Logos allows some amazing in depth reading, switching between books, multi-panel, preferred Bible, etc. Plus I can sync it to my lectionary, other translations, original Greek and Hebrew, jump to other Lutheran resources with a click, etc. Finally, with all it's materials, this is easily the best Study Bible I've ever owned, in any format, print and digital both.

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Great bible for great eyes

This bible is beautiful. Earlier comments agree: the compact font is too small for weak eyes but fine for strong eyes. Ensure your pdf zoom is set correctly, and then carefully consider the font size images CPH helpfully provides. My wife has the standard (intermediate) size study bible - it's beautiful. But I have to focus to read the notes. Not a hurdle I want in my study bible. Am looking at the large print study bible for home use...

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Wonderful Format for the Lutheran Study Bible

I have several formats (e Bible / standard font and large print) of the Lutheran Study Bible but I wanted one that would be a bit easier to carry with me WHEREVER I went. Because of an earlier review about the font being too small, I hesitated to purchase the compact Bible. However, after looking at the font size on the CPH website, I decided to give it a try. The compact LSB is fantastic! My husband and I both agree that the font is not too small and our eyes are in the 50 - 60+ year old range! It's another excellent version of the Lutheran Study Bible.

A real struggle to read

The font is to small, even with good vision and unfortunately the notations are even smaller. This is too bad b/c it is such a beautiful, high quality Bible. Notations should be 6 pt font and text should be 8-9 pt font to make this practical.

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