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Broken: 7 "Christian" Rules That Every Christian Ought to Break as Often as Possible

by Jonathan Fisk

Item #: 124389 / 2012 / Paperback / 280 Pages

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Real Answers
Real Religion
Real Holy Spirituality

There are only two kinds of spirituality in the world. One is false, and one is true. One is the manifestation of the old evil foe who has sent many false spiritualties out into the world, and the other is the holy spirituality found only in faith in the one true God. One is a lie, and one is real.

But which is which?

There is a cultural perfect storm shredding the spiritual landscape of the United States. It travels on the wind of a growing ignorance of both history and the Bible. Christians are losing faith because the kind of Christianity they are trying to believe is


This book examines seven of the most common spiritual traditions and how they use speculation, mysticism, and moralism to break Christianity. Author Jonathan Fisk calls them the seven “counterfeit Christian rules that every Christian ought to break as often as possible,” because they are seven myths that have infiltrated the churches in our age, seven teachings taught as if they were doctrine, but which are nothing more than the traditions of men.

The dark secret of Christianity in America is that we are losing.
We hide it with light shows, Christian dance and music, and video games,
but it’s true. And it’s not new.

The house has grown too dirty. Fisk is going to sweep it clean. All of it: the dusty corners where spores of speculation lay, the air filled with the mustiness of mysticism, the grout where the mold of moralism has grown thick over our clean confidence in Christ. Once the grime has been scrubbed away, Fisk shows how, under the cross of Jesus, you will find that your mind, heart, and hands, your reason, emotions, and sense of mercy, are the very things that our Lord has redeemed. In the resurrection of Jesus, in His fulfillment of the Law, in the essence of His Gospel, in the pure Word of God, you will find the truth.


“In the manifesto of the Emergent Church Movement, Brian McLaren described  himself as “evangelical, post/protestant, liberal/conservative, mystical/poetic, biblical, charismatic/contemplative, fundamentalist/Calvinist, Anabaptist/Anglican, Methodist, catholic” and more.  But, as John Pless has noted, his grand theological synthesis does not include “Lutheran.”  But could it be that the kind of Christianity that best addresses our postmodern times—the kind that is the most radical, the most relevant, and the most cutting-edge, the theology that most precisely addresses the spiritual condition of our day (as well as every other day) and that counters the weaknesses of most American Christianity (including that of the Emergent Church)—is actually orthodox, conservative, confessional Lutheranism?  That’s the impression one gets from Rev. Jonathan Fisk’s brilliant, exhilarating book Broken.  If you know people, young or old, who are burnt out from churches and on the verge of giving up on Christianity (or if you yourself are), get them this book!  Quickly!”
Gene Edward Veith
Provost & Professor of Literature, Patrick Henry College

“For any reader who is not afraid of having their practice challenged, their thought process tweaked, or their whole approach to Church adjusted—I recommend this book. For those who are afraid—it is a must read.”
Rev. Dr. Brian Saunders
President of Iowa District East

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Broken: 7 "Christian" Rules That Every Christian Ought to Break as Often as Possible

by Jonathan Fisk

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Juan Pablo

un gran aporte a la eclesiología para las Iglesias de América- Latina.


Love this book. It accurately addresses many of the fads and false teachings that have entered the Christian Church - especially in America - and points us again and again to the crucified and risen Savior. A very easy read, geared mostly towards the younger generation.

Eye Opening

I knew the problems of American Christianity, but didn't know how to explain them, this book addresses specific issues with the "church" and opens your eyes to things going on that maybe you have never noticed before.

Thanks for Clarifying!

Pastor Fisk rightly points us back to God's Grace to us through His Word and His Word incarnate - Jesus - He Saves! The book walks through how we and our churches fall for the variants of the Lie, leaving us confused and out of the Church. The Lord, however, still maintains His Church and continues to be there for us, every day.

Truth can make You Unbroken

Rev Fisk does an excellent job relating the current influence of the world and other religions sneaking into and corrupting the true Gospel message. The unique word arrangements and bold print are 'spot on'. It's the closest thing to having an author reading it to you in your own head! The content will clarify God's truth and pick some people off a bumpy path. The steampunk illustration style is refreshing. The consideration that went into all that this book is is truly appreciated. We are blessed by God to have this talent in the family of Believers. Look Rev Fisk up on line and listen to may make the writing style 'click' for you if you find it too stylistic. This is too good a book not to read the whole thing. This belongs in every church's library along with his other book 'Echo'.

Print too distracting

This might be an excellent read, but the print was too distracting. I tried several times to read it, but never got past the first few chapters.

Worth every penny!

This book is filled with ideas you may have been thinking on your own throughout your life but have never really been able to define. Thank you for defining them and allowing me to better understand my thoughts as a Christian.

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Family read

We read this with our Pastor and friend first, then we read it with our children. An excellent follow up to our children's confirmation studies. Once confirmation classes are done we are not finished parents! This is a perfect follow up. Thank you Pr Fisk.

1 people found this comment helpful, 0 did not
Broken to Help the Church Heal

To say this is a great book would be an understatement! Pastor Fisk does an awesome job showing where the church has in many ways become broken, following the ideas and ways of this world. And shows how when we see look to God's Word in the Bible that it shows the church the real way to be healed! Through Christ Jesus alone! Anything other than Jesus is just"Broken"! Highly recommend you see for yourself!

1 people found this comment helpful, 0 did not
Hits nail right on the head

e have 6 people in our bible study. This book is excellent for small group studies. I personally do not think anyone ready it alone would get the full understanding that small group discussion brings out. This book is a reality check.

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