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Growing in Christ Nursery Roll Packet

Item #: 411050 / 2011

Availability: Call Customer Service at 1-800-325-3040

Replacement Product

Please note: Growing in Christ has been replaced by Enduring Faith Bible Curriculum. Materials will not be reprinted once the stock has been depleted. For more information on the Enduring Faith Bible Curriculum please click here.

The Growing in Christ Nursery Roll packet offers your church the opportunity to share with families of small children the biblical and age-appropriate ways to talk to their children about Jesus.

When a child is baptized, your church sets aside a Nursery Roll packet especially for that child. Periodically - for the first three years of the child's life - a designated person in the church sends the family materials from the packet to nurture the child's spiritual, emotional, and physical development.

The Growing in Christ Nursery Roll packet contains:

• 13-month growth calendar with stickers 
    o    Help parents keep track of all the important “firsts” in their child’s life. Each month lists information like what a child needs from the parents, and what the parents can expect from their child.
• Music CD 
    o     These 41 songs are fun to sing, useful at bed time, aid in memorizing Bible words and the Catechism, and help to give thanks before a meal.

• Bible story booklet 
    o     Contains 14 Bible stories along with helpful parent tips and prayers.

• Twelve brochures for parents 
    o     Full of information for mom and dad about their child at various ages.

• Four postcards 
    o     Use these to celebrate special birthday and baptism milestones.

The packet contains a suggested schedule over the 3 years to guide when the materials should be delivered to the child and family.

Order one packet per child.

When ordering 5 or more packets, use promotion code DNU to receive the bulk discount price.

The Growing in Christ Nursery Roll Packet is available in a second version that includes the book The Baptism of Your Child.


1 Corinthians 15
1 John 5
1 Peter 5
Come, Lord Jesus, Be Our Guest
Consider How the Birds Above
Do You Know Who Died for Me
First Article-Creation
God is So Good
God Loves Me Dearly
God the Father Bless Us
God's Own Child, I Gladly Say
Have No Fear, Little Flock
Hear Us, Father, When We Pray
I am Jesus' Little Lamb
I Can Tell
I Was Baptized, Happy Day
Isaiah 43
Jesus Loves Me, This I Know
John 10
Let Me Learn of Jesus
Lord Jesus Christ, the Children's Friend
Luke 2
Luther's Evening Prayer
Luther's Morning Prayer
Make Songs of Joy
Matthew 28
Matthew 6
Our Church Family
Praise and Thanksgiving
Psalm 107
Psalm 118
Psalm 122
Psalm 139
Romans 8
Second Article-Part 1
Second Article-Part 2
Thank the Lord
The King of Love My Shepherd Is
Third Article
We ARe in God's House Today
You Have Put On Christ

Helpful Downloads

   Database to Manage Program
   Nursery Roll Director/Coordinator Guide
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Growing in Christ Nursery Roll Packet

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by Mildred
Appreciate the #411050

More compact to handle with all the pertinent information on the packet cover. Easier to handle rather than the larger box type. Also concise child development information that busy parents WILL read. Have very good results. Thank you for this packet.

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