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Divorce and Remarriage: An Exegetical Study - CTCR


Item #: 092524 / 1988 / Saddle-stitched paperback / 48 Pages


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This report from the Commission on Theology and Church Relations of the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod was written as an aid for LCMS pastors to use in counseling, with special emphasis on principals provided by Scripture on the subject of divorce and remarriage.

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Divorce and Remarriage: An Exegetical Study - CTCR


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Miserable Comforters

"Come to me all you who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest," says Jesus, "unless, of course, you are a greater sinner than I am ("as is my mother," says Zebulon, and "pretty much everyone else I know," adds Jonathan). By the way, the "white nationalist National Policy Institute" defines a "Cuckservative" as a "cuckold who, whether knowingly or unknowingly, loses control of his future." This vulgar slur, although unseemly on a Christian website, does seem to be pretty descriptive of the reviews I read below. But I could be wrong about both of these fine gentlemen. To put the best construction on their reviews, one could surmise that neither Jonathan nor Zebulon believe that it is possible for one who has sinned in this way to actually repent afterwards. Like a murderer who repents of his murder cannot afterwards bring his victim back to life, neither can an adulterer who divorces his wife on unbiblical grounds and then marries a woman also divorced on unbiblical grounds (like I have) and then repents of these sins can he stuff the scrambled eggs he has made back into the hen and then act like she never laid an egg in the first place. If sinners like me who repent of the sin of divorce and remarriage could fix it, we would. And there are many more just like me.

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The advice of Cuckservatives

I agree with the other reviewer, Jonathan. As someone who was born to a totally worthless single mother, I have little patience with the current church indulgence of sexual promiscuity. That includes divorce and remarriage. Yes the LCMS glad hands divorce. I've even had church members lecture me on Christian virtues and then the very next day tell me the details of how they had sex with their girlfriend. There is a complete disconnect between avowed subscription to Biblical teachings and personal conduct.

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Approved by Dr. Phil

This study is available as a free download online.The advice the book gives is the typical compromising that modern churches do. For a correct exegesis listen to the Issues Etc broadcast on Evangelical Compromise on Divorce & How Does the Story of Sodom Apply to Homosexuality? – Dr. Robert Gagnon, 4/4/13 Basically, if you get divorced and then decide to remarry, you are committing adultery. No exceptions made. Hosea married a faithless woman, named Gomer, but he never divorced her. What God has joined together man is not to separate. This little pamphlet attempts to justify the practice because so many parishioners are divorced and remarried. The LCMS tolerates it because they need money and can't afford to lose dues payers. While there appears to be an escape clause in the case of adultery, this book is just an excuse to tolerate an ubiquitous practice: our churches are filled with unrepentant sinners who walked out on their partners in quest of a better mate. Alas, it isn't important to find the right person. It is only important to be the right person. Of course you will never learn this in Church. The adultery excuse is particularly laughable in the case of baby boomers. They are the generation who ushered in the sexual revolution and the churches stood by and approved. The most egregious example was Chuck Smith of Calvary Chapel and his homosexual right hand man Lonnie Frisbee. At any rate, the baby boomers like to live like barnyard animals, mating promiscuously. For sure not all of them do but it is a characteristic of that generation. Interesringly, Dr. Albert Mohler, of the southern Baptist Seminary notes that the moral majority had positions on posting the ten commandments, prayer in schools, nativity scenes on government land, gays in the military, abortion, same sex marriage and a host of other issues. One position they didn't talk about was divorce by church members. That is because so many church members were divorced and remarried. You know what Dr. Mohler had to say? He said "... the inclusion of divorce on the agenda of the Christian right would have risked a massive alienation of members. In summary, evangelicals allowed culture to trump Scripture." That is precisely what this little whitewash of a pamphlet does. It trumps scripture.

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