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Top Ten: LFL

Top Ten: LFL

Lutherans for Life top ten suggested resources to share with your pastor

Lutherans For Life offers high quality, easy-to-use resources to equip pastors, educators, and congregations to apply the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the life issues.  For more information on how we can help you, contact us at 888-364-5433 or www.lutheransforlife.org

LFL801RA Christian Guide to End-of-Life Decisions$0.50$ 0.00
LFL104BA Lutheran Catechism on Abortion and Life$1.00$ 0.00
LFL205TAbortion and the Message of the Church: Sin or Salvation$0.50$ 0.00
LFL304BBiblical Manhood$2.00$ 0.00
LFL212BSpeak Up for Life$0.50$ 0.00
LFL404TWord of Hope$0.00$ 0.00

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